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9 Core Essential E-commerce Features That Every Vancouver Based Startups Must Follow

There is nothing new about the E-commerce businesses except the fact that we have been recording a great boost in its number each day. E-commerce is the future and deploying them strategically is the most important thing that every startup must undertake. We know that each business is different in the manner it reached the audience, but there are certain core features that you can follow for a progressive start.

Following are nine core steps that your business can follow for a lucrative E-commerce platform. You can either implement them all by yourself or can even consult experts handling Ecommerce website Development Vancouver for this task –

1. High-Quality Images and Videos – A website is made by the quality of images and videos that you put for customers. Viewers just don’t trust Ecommerce portals that lack quality images or videos to display their products. Put up multiple images of the products taken from different angles and provide the facility to zoom-in.

2. Easy to Use Interface – User interface and experience matters the most, especially when you are trying to drive sales from your Ecommerce website. Most users tend to gravitate towards simpler websites that don’t require tons of complexities before making a purchase. Consider simplifying the navigation and checkout process for amplifying the sales.

3. Cross-Platform Friendly – Did you know? One in three purchases is carried on mobile devices. Your Ecommerce website should be cross-platform friendly, meaning that it should equally run smooth on the handheld, laptop, and desktop devices. Going responsive can solve your task altogether and you won’t need to deploy website separately for all the platforms.

4. Social Media Integration – Social platforms provides you a way to connect to your potential audience by carrying various interesting activities. E-commerce websites that personalize shopping experiences of customers are likely to drive in more sales than their counterparts. Integrate social media profiles of users with your website, create how-to tutorials, and generate meaningful campaign for driving in qualified leads.

5. Related Product Suggestions – Most proactive Ecommerce websites deploy a strategy of relating products while selling the others. You will often come across a statement like “You might also like these”, which works in two ways, firstly it increases the chance of finding products that are kept away from the eyes and secondly it appears attractive. You can double your sales by implementing this feature in your Ecommerce website.

6. Well Displayed Offers – it’s no secret that running promotional offers boosts your sales incredibly. You must, therefore, keep them at a place that easily grabs the eyeballs. Place the latest deals and offers in header section or just at the top of your website, so that when a user reaches your website they can easily notice the ongoing offers.

7. Website Blog – Maintaining a website blog might sound a time-consuming process but it is one of those strategies that help your business in long run. Your business can promote its products or services directly or indirectly through this space. Blog posts that are indulgent to the users can be converted greatly into sales.

8. Customer Feedback Section – Positive customer feedbacks contributes to the overall reputation of a company and makes your brand name trustable. Open reviews, both negative and positive, are likely to improve your sales by establishing the trust of your visitors.

9. Wide Array of Payment Options – Your Ecommerce website can come across a distinct variety of buyers who wants to pay through a number of payment channels. To make sure that you get maximum sales, it’s important that your website caters a wide array of payment options. PayPal and Apple Pay are two advanced payment options that you could include on your website.

Implement all these steps whilst implementing business Ecommerce website design Vancouver. It’s always better to begin with a qualified design than to go back and make changes. A strategic Ecommerce website can turn up your sales gains and will be lucrative for your business.