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How To Create and Grow Your Own Blog From Scratch In No Time?

Do you have an excellent idea that can earn you the money? Information is a powerful tool in this era and if you have got a voice and eagerness to write then there is no better place than blogging for you. You can be interested in any domain, be it fashion, technology, lifestyle, or spirituality and the best place to showcase your talent is to go online. Creating your first blog often comes as a challenge especially if you aren’t quite familiar with technicalities. In this blog, we will cover various aspects of creating and growing your blog from the scratch that too in no time.

You can appoint website development services in Vancouver to help you establish your blog and can even do it yourself. There are plenty of advantages of appointing an expert development company but if you choose to do it yourself then this write-up is going to help you out. Starting a blog is a lucrative idea as it connects you with a greater audience pool than you would otherwise. The thought of starting your own blog can be overwhelming enough but all you need to do is to take a step-wise approach and you will be done. Here is how you can begin your journey to successful blogging –

Get a Domain Name – A good domain name acts as the foundation of your blogging website. It reveals your blog’s identity and should be chosen carefully. The name should be short, concise, relatable, searchable, and unique (not to forget). You can register your domain name from a trusted provider and the cost varies from 10$ to 15$ annually.

Register your Hosting Plan – After getting done with domain name registration, the next step is to register your hosting. At this point, it will appear tempting enough to get a free hosting but don’t even consider this option if you don’t want to deal with the repercussions. Free domains can be turned down anytime and therefore you need a reliable plan to manage your blog on your own terms.

Choose a Design – Once you are done with having an online space of your own, it is the time to choose your blogging platform and WordPress is the most recommended one. It is an open source CMS that you can install and modify according to your preferences and needs. You can also customize your theme accordingly with the help of plug-ins and dashboard features.

Start Adding Pages and Blog Content – After settling on a theme and making it look perfect; start adding content to your blog. At this stage, you will already be having plenty of ideas and now is the time to submit your first draft, then the second and then the next. Make your content as interactive as possible by incorporating images as well.

Optimize Blog for Visibility – The main motto of your blog would be to reach as many people as possible. To grow your blog, you would need to optimize it in a way that it can be found by the search engine. The idea is to focus on some elementary SEO tactics such as selecting the right keyword, creating content based on keywords, adding links, optimizing URLs, and a number of other things.

Start Monetizing – Most bloggers begin their own website with a purpose to earn money. Monetizing is the milestone of a blog’s journey one way or the other. You can start this easily once your visitor base expands and you start building trust on your brand. The sure shot ways of generating money from a blog include affiliate marketing, setup Adsense account, sell Ad-space, write sponsor posts, and even start your own chain of products.

7 SEO Pitfalls to Avoid For a Brilliantly Profitable Ecommerce Business in Canada

So you have finally created your Ecommerce website but can’t see much of growth? It is undeniably the most crucial problem most Ecommerce businesses experience and you are not alone. When you are wondering what could have possibly gone wrong, going back to where you started might be the best idea. To provide the possible solution to this problem we will be discussing a few SEO mistakes that you might have made in the process of building your E-Commerce website, so let’s get started.

Search Engine Optimization Services are extremely important for business recognition on Google, world’s most amazing Search Engine. You might be already practicing Search Engine Optimization but there’s no harm in getting back and discovering the flaws. These are some major ones –

1. Not using creative product defining content – You already have some products on your E-Commerce website but did you know why those aren’t selling readily? The reason is that you are not using appropriate defining content with those products. Creative content is important for grabbing better Google ranking and will, therefore, make you visible in the crowd of numerous E-commerce sellers. The more creative you be with these descriptions the better visibility you get.

2. Using duplicate content from manufacturers – Due to lack of writing resources majority of E-commerce businesses use duplicate content from first manufacturers and use them solemnly. But to your surprise, adding such content to your website can cause great pains in future. Google’s SEO algorithm identifies duplicate content on the behalf of its publishing date and pushes back the ranking of the website with duplicate content.

3. Not optimizing the searchable landing pages – So you already hold a better SEO ranking but that doesn’t seem to convert into sales? Then there must be some problem with the landing pages of your website. If your buyer is searching for ‘Women clothes’ then they shouldn’t land on ‘Groceries’. Such problems frequently arise in big E-commerce stores and the only way to deal with it is by optimizing with the best SEO strategies.

4. Not having review product section – Word-of-mouth is a crucial factor in deciding the growth of any E-commerce business and amazing reviews can really boost that. Major E-commerce giants like Amazon have implemented review section for this purpose only. Because online buying is already a scary zone for some, therefore increasing the reliability of products through genuine reviews can guarantee you brilliant sales. You can do this by adding a review module on your website and then asking your past customers to submit their feedbacks about products.

5. Ignoring title section – Paying attention to the title tag of different product WebPages can be extremely crucial for the on-page SEO. Since Ecommerce websites are enormous people doing product updates often duplicate the content of these titles, therefore, hindering the overall purpose of search optimization. Also, make sure that you bring some creative content in these title tags along with right usage of keywords for better SEO ranking.

6. Not paying attention to Meta-Descriptions – So what really defines your web page? It’s Meta-description. Although these are not that important for SEO ranking but ignoring it can reduce the overall user click-through from SERPs. Meta-descriptions can be your perfect canvas to market your products, so don’t miss it.

7. Not using a website blog – The final mistake you might be making is not using a blog. I know it might sound an elaborate task but you will be excited to know the benefits of an Ecommerce Blog. Having a product promoting informational Ecommerce blog will drive high SEO ranking effortlessly with brilliant sales. With the use of content marketing, you can attract more users in the least span of time.

Try to reduce these mistakes while working on your Ecommerce website. You can also take help from professional Ecommerce Development Services Canada for in-depth analysis of your website and things that can better your business.