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Our robust e-commerce platform provides merchants looking to expand their business by leveraging the capabilities of the cloud.

Why AKS ?

We have worked with over 300 customers from 12 different countries and 25 different sectors. Multinational corporations such as P&G, Exxon Mobil, HP, US Foods, and others are among our clients.

Features of E-Commerce

Some of the most common are listed below

Auth Module

Vendor Management

Customer Management

High Level Category

Catalogue Management

Inventory Management 

Membership Management

Offer/Discount Management

Elastic Search

Order Management

Address Management

Sales Reports
(Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)

Support Ticket Management

Social Media Linking

Vendor Virtual Wallet

Delivery Management using PinCode

Vendors Rating

Shopping Cart

Easy Checkout and Payment

User Profile Management

CMS Pages

Social Media Sharing

Roles and Permissions

Industries we cater






Skin Care

Sports & Toys



Your cost breakdown for an ecommerce website

Web Ecommerce


(Self Hosted + Lifetime License)

Timeline: 5-7 Working Days

Web Application

White Labeled Solution

Theme Based Design

1 Month Free Support

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Best Value

Web + Mobile Ecommerce


(Self Hosted + Lifetime License)

Timeline: 14-15 Working Days

Web Application

Mobile Application (Android & iOS)

White Labeled Solution

Theme Based Design

1 Month Free Support

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Web + Mobile Ecommerce

Custom Pricing

(Self Hosted + Lifetime License)

Timeline: Depends upon your
Business Requirements

Web Application

Mobile Application (Android & iOS)

Custom Solution

Custom Design

3 Months Free Support

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Terms and Conditions:

1. Content creation and uploading on ecommerce portal is out of scope of the cost.

2. Payment 50% advance, 30% upon making the application live in a test environment and balance on delivery.

3. Tech Stack would be either Custom PHP or Magento for Web and Native or Hybrid for Mobile.

4. Mobile apps would be registered in Apple and Google Store.




React Native

PHP [CodeIgniter]

PHP [Laravel]


Our Valuable Clients

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AKS is a digital solutions company motivated to create a fabulous e-commerce portal within the budget that customers want. It is best in providing a unique UI for an excellent customer experience. AKS is proficient in adding extensions integrating social media channels, and securitizing your gateway system. It would enable you to enhance your visibility on the web and also increase your revenue. AKS believes in pushing the envelope to deliver the best consumer-driven solutions that mark the pace for a growing business. They provide content management systems and better maintenance and ensure that the e-commerce app and website they develop suit varying customer environments.
Creating an E-commerce platform enhances brand awareness by helping you increase your online presence and attract more customers to your offerings. E-commerce is an excellent and prominent platform for marketing as it comprises and enables access to information about online visitors helping you to promote your products on a vast scale. Also, e-commerce sites are protected with SSL certificates that prevent data leakages and theft, providing maximum security to every transaction and providing customers peace of mind. It helps increase the customers' trust leading to higher revenue. It is an excellent means to grow your business and get creative with your marketing, thereby boosting sales for that period.
E-commerce apps and websites provide user-friendly navigation and site search. It has product videos that help customers decide which brand and product to purchase. The use of high-quality product image and videos help the seller in conveying a more accurate description of the product quality. Also, e-commerce portals usually have a generous return policy. One of the critical features of the E-commerce website and App is the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section. Customers have primarily viewed it as it answers customers' questions, leading to adequate consumer satisfaction. Lastly, customers can track their orders and know their current location and status.
Yes, E-commerce apps and websites are suitable for every business type and can be the catalyst needed to drive increased market exposure. It is a means to drive new growth opportunities for every business. E-Commerce supports new possibilities for B2B (Business to business), B2C (business to customer), and C2C (customer to customer) models. E-commerce websites and Apps facilitate easy and secure trade between sellers and buyers, and it's convenient and beneficial to both. Often e-commerce websites are also preferred by various government authorities for their respective businesses. A roaring business can significantly rise with the latest upgrades and enhancements of e-commerce apps and websites that suit customer needs and are up to their expectations.
The cost of developing an E-commerce platform combines multiple factors around customer requirements, and the final price depends upon the project's functionalities. The cost is also characterized by understanding the specific business requirement. It will also depend on the customer preference for the app's UI and design. The complexity and scope of your platform structure determine the cost of development. A significant portion of the cost depends on e-commerce functionality and back-end programming. Most of the time, enterprises do not consider the maintenance cost, but it needs to be included when planning to develop your E-commerce website and App. The Android or iOS needs frequent updates, contributing to the E-Commerce app development cost. It will ultimately be driven by the complexity of the project and the platform chosen by the customer. So, we can only form an estimate for the cost of building an E-commerce Website and App.
Building an E-commerce website on an effective platform can take you on a long journey of 12 months to launch a functional and highly effective e-commerce website. The reason for such a long time period is that the work that goes into creating a functional e-commerce website of such a significant magnitude is not easy. Developing a mobile app will hardly, on average, take 3 to 4 months but creating herby means that the app is ready for public release but could take up to an additional nine months to scale on a big project. Furtherly the development of both website and app depends upon the type and purpose for which it will be used, and research for those specific requirements needs a reasonable amount of time.
Yes, one should opt for mobile app development and a website. It is an excellent platform to enhance brand value for any business domain. It is equally efficient in catering to customer demands. Also, consumer interaction can resolve existing issues and positively impact the customers' minds. It can also personalize offers and products to different customer segments. Additionally, the information in the apps and websites can regularly update, giving customers a chance to sneak peek at the most recent products and services a seller offers. A unique mobile app with the proper functionality and concept attracts more customers, leading to more orders, and ultimately increasing profits. Also, with push notifications, businesses can offer information to their customers and encourage them to make immediate orders.
Yes, anyone can get custom designs for an e-commerce websites and Mobile apps. For that, one needs to inform the developer. With custom e-commerce website design, you get complete control over the look & appearance and, most importantly, features & functions of the shopping cart. It is often seen as a fuel for increased revenue if blended with superior performance. One of the essential benefits is detailed analytics. Data would be collected quickly, giving a chance to observe user interaction and supply valuable insights such as responses to specific features and contents, sessions, and feedback, among others. The ability to completely control and direct the user's buying experience gives you the power to affect the results of your online sales operations effectively. You can achieve more significant outcomes if you guide and prompt the user only when necessary, basing your actions on tried-and-true techniques.
An E-commerce website or mobile app will positively affect the customer if organized correctly and in customers' interest. It can influence the user's mind as the customer can look up the products or services of the seller instantly. Also, it saves customer time as they no longer need to go to the stores and search for their choice. Here, they have the option of immediate purchase leading to a better experience for both seller and customer. A revolution is currently underway, and new information is being discovered daily regarding visitor habits, motivations, how they find you, how they study you, how they move through the checkout process, and why they buy. This information is being used by businesses to increase online purchases from customers. In short, we can say that customers can make more fantastic choices, and easy access to the global market is an opportunity for sellers' growth.
Specific steps define the procedure for developing an E-commerce website or mobile app. The stages consist of identifying the target audience, doing proper research, analyzing the whole process, and after that, with the help of proper planning, choosing the platform for design so that the development can go on. It is critical to create sub-modules and monitor the stages in each phase. Development is only successful after they pass the testing stage. We must establish regular connections with the development team to understand the progress and bottlenecks. Hence, proper planning and analysis can quickly develop an E-commerce website or mobile app.

Ecommerce mobile app development services

Due to constantly shifting consumer preferences and fashions, business owners are no longer restricted to a small geographic area. The internet has become a worldwide marketplace. For consumers, geography and linguistic barriers are no longer relevant. Customers encourage and support online shops that offer convenience, excellent value, and wonderful shopping experiences.

Your company needs a market leader's knowledge, expertise, and technological prowess to stand out amid subpar app solutions. Aks Interactive Solutions, an e-commerce application development Company, provides all these and more.

It is a top e-commerce software provider, delivering services to customers on several continents by creating novel, straightforward solutions to challenging problems.

Through our ecommerce mobile app development services, we have developed specialised resources and cutting-edge solutions to meet the growing need for ecommerce mobile app development.

Get started with us right now if you're also trying to increase the internet visibility of your e-commerce firm.

eCommerce mobile app development solutions can meet the immediate demands of the changing market environment and digitally align each step of the retail operation, guaranteeing business continuity.

Our ecommerce mobile app development and ecommerce web application development solutions can help you increase inventory and foster customer loyalty for various online business ventures, including bringing brick-and-mortar retailers online and enriching the existing lines of goods and services for eCommerce. Get your customised marketplace up and running quickly with our eCommerce app development services.

Kinds of Ecommerce Apps We Create

All kinds of enterprises increasingly use ecommerce apps.

Any product you sell can be instantly purchased using an e-commerce app. You can choose from a variety of ecommerce application development options offered by our dedicated developers at Aks Interactive Solutions.

  • ● C2C,
  • ● B2B,
  • ● B2C and
  • ● E-Marketplace

It is believed that 95% of all purchases will be made online by 2040. You can gain the first mover advantage by creating an e-commerce app on the cloud.

eCommerce mobile app development features (Application Panel )

With a full range of sophisticated capabilities for the vendor, admin, and customer panels, you may improve your e-commerce delivery business.

1.Admin panel

A full-featured web panel that provides you with the perfect collection of tools for effectively managing your online store.

  • ● Inventory Management Made Simple
  • ● Simple Product Management
  • ● Real-Time Notifications
  • ● Advanced Reporting
  • ● Control users
  • ● Manage rewards and promotions.
2. Client Panel

One-of-a-kind client app features from our company create a flawless user experience.

  • ● Social Sign-In And Sign Out
  • ● Speedy Onboarding
  • ● Real-time tracking of shipments
  • ● Simple Product Filtration
  • ● Many different payment gateways
  • ● Ratings and Reviews
  • ● Integrating Shipping Information
  • ● Push Alerts That Arrive Quickly
3. Vendor Panel

Use the software for multi-vendor online stores to get a straightforward yet effective vendor panel for managing order requests.

  • ● Reports on Vendor Accounts
  • ● Easy Vendor Membership
  • ● Order Control
  • ● Catalog Administration
  • ● Control Delivery Sites
  • ● Upload of Products
Aks Interactive Solutions is an ecommerce Mobile App Development Company that offers Business Centric Solutions
1 Continuous Delivery

Employees support 100% operational procedures from their homes, ensuring that the project is finished on schedule and to the most outstanding standards possible.

2 Regular and committed client support

Delivering assistance following the client's time zone and providing post-deployment support through a dedicated project manager

3 Approach to agile development

Rapid project completion with excellent documentation for training and support, along with smooth communication between all parties

4 Comprehensive development

Cross-functional experts with extensive experience and technical expertise working to shorten the time to market and speed up the software development lifecycle

5 Options for Flexible Engagement

Customised engagement strategies can be scaled to meet any requirement, no matter how big or little.

6 Model for CoE Delivery

Centres of excellence for various technologies that make it easier to supply cutting-edge technology solutions with best practices.

7 10 years plus of expertise

Delivering innovative IT services and solutions across various retail verticals for more than a decade

Developing Next-Generation Retail Solutions for Ecommerce
1 Technology Consulting for Ecommerce

Auditing the technology framework and developing a plan for multi-channel digital marketing, application migration, backend automation, eCommerce business analytics solutions, and more.

2 Online purchasing and delivery

Our dedicated developers offer eCommerce apps with user-friendly web and mobile interfaces that simplify online ordering for retail clients. The clients can manage shipment schedules, enable multi-currency payments, and track order fulfilment using in-house or outside logistics while coordinating inventories across numerous delivery channels.

3 Development of e-commerce websites

Easy conversion of retailers from a brick-and-mortar to a click-based business model is made possible by the custom development of dynamic, subscriber, mobile-optimised eCommerce websites with multiple currency support, Payment Gateway Integration, Secure Checkout, Sales Analytics, and Order Management.

4 Inventory Control

Our flexible, web- and mobile-based solutions use our in-house business intelligence technologies to give retailers detailed access to their online inventory on their websites or marketplaces like Amazon.

5 Supply Chain Administration

Our smartphone and online solutions are responsive and streamline the demand planning, purchasing, production, logistics, and delivery processes. Hire mobile app developers for eCommerce to improve your supply chain efficiency.

6 Online Marketing

Utilising lead generation, email marketing, search engine optimisation, social media campaigns, and social media to increase customer involvement across channels and gain the most significant possible proportion of consumer spending

7 Content Distribution & Management

Implement open source and premium content management systems (CMS) for e-commerce, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Visual components, product setup, and third-party connectors can all be customised.

8 Technology Marketing

We are an Ecommerce mobile app development firm offering Marketing Automation Services from Pardot, HubSpot, GetResponse, and MailChimp, as well as CRM Implementation from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or Open Source. Development of chatbots and IoT integration

9 Services for backend support

When staff absences threaten to cripple your business, use our backend support services to improve the efficiency of your product catalogue, merchandising, and SKU management.

Features We Include to Increase the Customer Loyalty Value of Your App

We are renowned as one of the world's most significant e-commerce app development firms because we understand which features turn on-the-fence viewers into devoted customers.

1 Store Finder

Your customers can now find you anywhere in the world. This function aids traffic redirection from the web to the store and vice versa.

2 Loyalty Initiatives

We also keep track of our regular visitors and devoted clients and please them with timely discounts and extra services.

3 Click and Collect Alternative

An incredible tool that enables users to offline acquire low-inventory items from the nearest retailer. They must choose "click and collect." as the delivery option.

4 Click to Call

Customers can call sales or customer support with ease using the call button. This is an essential component of our services for developing e-commerce apps.

5 Mobile inputs tailored to the context Prepopulated Forms

Users are accustomed to carrying over user information from the registration page to the checkout page by being presented with numeric keyboards for numeric fields and other interfaces.

6 Simple Zooming

Swipe, squeeze, double-tap...

Our ecommerce apps make extensive use of these everyday smartphone interactions.

7 Product placement and buy buttons placement

To encourage speedy purchases, our designers deftly position well-liked products or customers' explored products in an accessible view.

8 Different Payment Gateways

Our apps have a variety of payment alternatives to meet the needs of every user, including COD, PayPal, Paytm, card payments, and online banking.

Solutions for the Development of Ecommerce Software That Put an Emphasis on Conversion and Retention

Analytics is our obsession. Our e-commerce application development services use statistical analytics to examine visitor behaviour and identify trends that affect customers' purchasing choices. We track every interaction from the minute a visitor enters your e-commerce application and reaches the checkout stage.

We only begin developing and designing your solution once we have enough user insight. Our guiding principle is straightforward: correct planning can result in years and years of exponential revenue growth and client loyalty for you.

  • ● eCommerce market research and evaluation
  • ● Development of Mobile Commerce Apps Conversion of eCommerce to mCommerce
  • ● Mobile banking
  • ● Mobile wallet creation Ecommerce app development
Our Revolutionary Services for Developing Ecommerce Applications Make your online store's app techy

As an e-commerce application development firm, we get your e-commerce apps ready for the future with the aid of some of the most revolutionary technology in the world.


We use Blockchain in many buying, lending, and selling operations, from keeping your clients' information to handling payments.


With the help of our ecommerce application development services, consumers can virtually try products before purchasing without ever having to leave the comfort of their houses.


We can connect your devices and create an omni-platform shopping experience. We transform your ecommerce application into the app of the future as an ecommerce mobile app development business.


As a reputable mobile commerce app development company, we are familiar with the specifics of including AI-powered mechanisms, such as Chatbots, inside an application to make it more cutting-edge.


With our mPOS options installed at the stores of our partnered retailers, we raise the comfort level of financial transactions.

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