About Us

About Us

So, who do you think we are?

We are a team with an innate Get-up-and-go attitude towards our work and customers. Even though we try our utmost best to keep it up with our uphill struggle to giving people like you the best!i

AKS Interactive is a digital marketing company based in the United Kingdom and operates both under fair and sour weather. It’s certain that our services extend to anyone who truly has a choice and knows what he want, or what he thinks? We definitely believe in people who “follow their hearts but take their brain along with them”.

We delight in working with/for several companies and establishments from various part of the world. We also believe that we will deliver qualitative digital services and web solution coupled using cutting edge technologies.


AKS interactive is humbled to let you know that its 6 years old, founded in the year 2009 with a team of individuals with vision and a mindset of a conqueror. We currently have clients from over 20 countries but have more from U.K. and U.S.A.

We have so far completed more than 500 extensively adored projects belonging to reputable establishments and companies. We are not hoping to call it a quit but gonna do more just to give our clients that highly desired solution which they seek in digital marketing and all other web related services.

Did I say we “Gonna do more”? Yes indeed we are ready to work harder!

We've got a very stable and unwavering team of industrious staff and IT Geeks who’s has got the job to solve problems of all kinds.

So what are you waiting for, aren’t gonna Give us a call?

“Remember procrastination is a thief of time”.