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Common Mobile Application Development Mistakes That Can Make You Lose Business

Businesses dependent on technology requires adapting to it as quickly as they can. No matter what kind of startup you may have, adhering to new trends and evolving the business technology should always be your priority. Having a well-working mobile application is something that will bring you potential returns. It is known to bring maximum conversions even more than what a mobile website can do.

As per the 2017 mobile marketing statistic, there will be 218.3 million users in the USA accessing the internet through their mobile phones. Also, this number is predicted to grow a lot more in forthcoming years. Since a huge user base is blooming on the mobile device, it becomes essential to invest in Android or Custom iOS Application Development Services. Having a professional mobile application will enhance your customer interactions while bringing repetitive sales.

If you already have a mobile application for your business or simply planning to get one, it is advisable to avoid a few mistakes. Making these mistakes can hamper your profits which are something you never want. Take a look at eight major pitfalls that you should avoid at all costs –

1. Lack of Originality - Most mobile applications fails to understand the need of originality and thus fall into the endless rut of lacking sales. It is important to establish your niche before even conceptualizing the mobile application. What kind of audience will you be serving? Will people get benefitted from your application? Etc. are some of the questions that you must never ignore.

2. Underestimating the Market Competition - It will hardly be a chance that your business doesn’t have rivals. Market competition is prevalent for all domains and is also considered healthy enough. But when you are planning to launch your own mobile application, it is a must that you estimate the current market competition and challenges well before proceeding. Potential hurdles will be brought if you make this mistake.

3. Creating Multiple Applications at First Place – If yours is a startup, chances are that you have low funds to start with. Creating multiple mobile applications for different platforms can be a costly idea. With the limited number of resources and money in hand, it is essential that you skip launching the application for both iOS and Android at the same time. To avoid this mistake, you can analyze the audience first and can then proceed to choose the right app platform.

4. Lack or Excess of Features – This is a common mistake that most startups make, by either packing too many features or minimum features in their application. It is essential that you understand the functionality you want to offer through your application first and then proceed with the design. Make sure that you remove complexities from the application at least in the beginning. You can always add more when your users get a hang of the application.

5. Unattractive User Interface – User Interface is the point where your business interacts with the audience. Most startups ignore the importance of a simple and attractive user interface and thus suffer the consequences. With tons of mobile apps available on Google Play and Apple App Store, an easy and attractive user interface catches attention and retains users.

6. Ignoring the Analytics – Analysis is a major part of launching an application and should be included well in your post app management strategy. Just the way you track interactions for your business website, tracking for the mobile app is also a must. You can use Google Analytics tool for this task. It will provide you the real-time numbers for user interactions, retention rates, app engagement, etc.

7. Poorly Tested Application – An application filled with bugs is frustrating enough for your users and unproductive for your business. Your targeted audience is likely to switch to some other application when yours is filled with bugs. A poorly tested application is a major mistake that you can’t ignore to miss. Make sure that at least 80 to 90% of the bugs are removed before you even launch.

8. Marketing Application After Release – Marketing is directly connected with your business as it brings potential sales to you. It’s simple if people don’t know you they won’t buy from you either. Marketing the mobile application after it is launched is always a major mistake; you will simply be wasting time by doing so. Start the marketing campaign 3 to 4 weeks before launching your mobile app, this will bring you sales right from day one.

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7 Benefits of Opting Android as the First App Development Platform for Your Startup

Planning to launch your startup mobile application? You must already be wondering as to which development platform you should choose. Will iOS be right for you or the Android? Which app development platform is lucrative for you? These must be the questions straining your mind. Having a mobile application for your startup is the best thing you can do and you must go for it.

According to the recent statistics, Android ranked the top Smartphone platform with 52.8% market share. This makes it clear that you need to get expert Android App Development Services USA for the development of your application. Here are seven major benefits of opting Android as your first app development platform, take a look:

1. Popular App Platform – Android is a very popular application platform used by millions of users across the world. In fact, it even beats iOS when compared on the scale of popularity. Google is consistently upgrading the capabilities of the Android operating system and with every new version; it is becoming even more amazing.

2. Has Viewer Base of all ages and Social Groups – When compared with other mobile operating system, Android is most diverse and usable mobile OS across all ages and social groups. Even iOS can’t beat it on this factor. Android has a loyal viewer base of all ages and social groups, which means that you will have access to more audience for business.

3. It is Open Source – Android community offers open source benefits such as licensing, flexibility and freedom of development. The open source community of Android provides you freedom to build profit and non-profit solutions. It will be an easy time to build your application on the open source platform and deliverables are always cutting edge.

4. Easy to Carry App Development – Development on android platform is comparatively easy to carry than other operating systems like iOS. The APIs of Android platform are easy to understand and simple enough to carry. The complexity of developing an Android application is low enough, so it is a great choice for businesses that are starting up with their mobile application.

5. Targets Huge Chunk of Audience – If your business model is to target larger chunk of the audience in the least time then go for Android application development first. It takes patience to build a loyal customer base on iOS but the same can be done easily and effectively on Android. The larger user base also supports you in this task.

6. Ease of Integration – The best feature of Android platform is the ease of application integration to the Smartphone. You will face the least hassle in integrating it to the Android devices that you want. Also, you can easily customize the application depending on your own requirements. This serves as an additional benefit for your startup application.

7. Ease of Finding a Dedicated Workforce – It is easy to find dedicated workforce for Android development when compared to iOS or any other mobile OS platform. Android development is comparatively easy to carry and there are plenty of resources that you can find for this job. You can easily bring in a few resources for this task and can even outsource it to professionals.

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5 Reasons Why Choosing HTML5 Is Necessary For A Profit Friendly Business Website

Are you planning on developing a profitable E-commerce website? Designing is the first step to do so. Your website tells a lot about your business and requires your active participation to ace its goals. Since technology is ever so changing, it becomes a necessity to have a trendy and feature supporting web design for your users. Nobody has got time and interest to scroll your website, so you have to make it interesting to amplify your sales leads.

You might have already heard of HTML5 Web App Development Services USA but have you actually put it in practice? HTML5 is a revolutionary web designing language that holds immense potential to keep your users hooked on it. If you are still skeptical about implementing it to your website design then here are top five reasons why you must –

1. New Tags Means Enhanced Features – Unlike previous versions of HTML, HTML5 supports a number of new tags for structure, form, scripting, and formatting of content on the web page. Tags basically enhance the code by promoting more features on your website. Also, you can easily embed video, audio, and Geolocation on your web page with HTML5.

2. Produces Cleaner Code – Producing simple, easy, and clean code for your website is essential for easy debugging. This not just help the designer identify the flaws in the code but also minimizes the time you spend on correcting those problems. There are additional tags for section, article, header, and footer for organizing the content.

3. Provides Smarter Storage – Smart storage is a feature that enhances the value of HTML5 in designing. Due to its implementation, both security and performance of the website are enhanced to a great extent. Also, web applications can be easily maintained and run without the need to update any plug-in. You will have an easy time dealing with storage details when your website implements HTML5.

4. Supported on all popular browsers – Browser incompatibility is usually a big issue that arises with websites. For instance, you have created the best operational design for your website but the moment you operated it on Google Chrome, a number of features just halted. No business website should run like that, you need a design that can work perfectly on all the browsers. HTML5 is supported on all the latest browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE9, etc.

5. The code is Mobile Friendly – The idea of having a computer in your palm has become a reality and it is essential to have a mobile friendly code. HTML5 is highly compatible and friendly with mobile usage. Also, it is already supported on a number of browsers, so you can simply translate your existing design with your mobile. The responsive feature is also a bonus addition that will upgrade your website’s visibility.

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