1. How much does a web site cost?

Website cost is primarily affected by few factors such as no. of pages website going to have, nature of the website for e.g. a dynamic website used for selling products would cost more than a simple static website. Domain registration and Server hosting cost would also be the key factors while calculating the actual cost of the website.

2. How long does it take to have a web site designed?

Time required to design a website is primarily determined by the size of the website and nature of the website.

3. What is a URL?

A URL is the address typed in the web browser to view the web page of a website. For e. g. you would need to type https://aksinteractive.com to access the homepage of our website.

4. What is a domain name?

Domain is a website address which is choosed and registered by you from a domain registrar. For e.g. we booked our domain aksinteractive.com from domain registrar Go Daddy.

5. What is web hosting?

Web Hosting is a service taken to make your website accessible over the internet. You pay an annual fee towards the same and we ensure that your website is accessible over the internet throughout the year.

6. What is site maintenance?

Website maintenance is an annual fee to keep your website updated with the content provided by you throughout the year. You may avail our maintenance services by simply contacting us at any of the given no’s or simply by writing us at support@aksinteractive.com.

7. Can I choose you to design my site but choose another web host?

Yes, you could choose another server hosting provider and have the website designed by us.

8. I have my website designed by some one else. Do you offer Hosting Services also?

Yes, we do provide server Hosting with some of the world’s leading web hosting service providers.

9. Do you use flash and animations while develping a website?

Yes, we use Flash and animations wherever required for making a website more appealing and good looking.

10. Do you offer Complete Website Solutions ? (Designing + Internet Publicity + Web Hosting)

Yes, we are a one stop shop for web solutions. Starting from domain registration to Server hosting to website designing to finally promoting the website on leading Search Engines.

11. Can I see some web design templates?

You can visit our portfolio to have a look at some of projects designs we have delivered.

12. What is the main difference between Static & Dynamic website?

A web page is static when it can only do one way interaction, for example, a typical web page comprising of only text & pictures. You can only read / copy it but you can not interact with it. A web page is dynamic when it can do two way interaction i.e. make decisions based upon user input.

An example is a typical web page comprising of text, pictures forms. You can not only read / copy it but also can interact with it, send an enquiry or your feedback to the website owner.

13. Is the number of pages, I want to have on my site, directly proportional to the web space?

No, pages are not the only component of a web site. It is a blend of graphics, pictures, forms, backend database, logs, emails, spam filtering software, etc. all of which consume space.

14. What is a payment gateway?

PG is basically a system of financial transaction on the Internet. It involves the merchant’s acquiring bank, the customer, and the payment gateway infra structure provider (for e.g. PayPal).

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