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Enjoy the brilliant opportunity to save around 40% of the development cost by hiring software developers from us. Now hire brilliant, dedicated resources from us to upgrade your software development capabilities to an all-new level. We are renowned globally for our team of agile developers, ready to serve you 24/7 throughout the year.


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Hours Per Day: 9

Minimum Days: 30


Part Time

Hours Per Day: 4

Minimum Days: 30

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Hours Per Day: Flexible

Minimum Hours: 50

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How the hiring process works?

We will help you to hire our dedicated resources based on your comfortable package. We offer hourly, part-time and full-time packages, where you need to make the payments based on the chosen option. Once you hire our developers, they will become a part of your own in-house team and will work with your other employees to complete the task. You can either hire a single individual or a team of dedicated resources from our side.

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Why hire dedicated programmers in India?

Now, you get the golden opportunity to make the most out of your funds. The key focus will remain on the growth of your business. With us by your side, you get the opportunity to work with the best skilled, dedicated programmers in India. We have covered multiple projects already, so helping you to create the best program will be a walk in the park for our team.
The entire process will turn out to be easy work as the well-trained dedicated developers are here to help. They will make a brilliant part of your team and will ensure to cover the task right on time. You don’t have to bother to make any investment in the hardware and software sections as well. Enjoy quick crisis management abilities and strategies from dedicated programmers.

Flexible Payment Systems

We offer three different types of packages of hiring dedicated resources. Those options are part-time, full-time and hourly packages. Depending on your affordable choice, you can opt for any package you like. Moreover, the rates will differ depending on the number of programmers you are willing to hire for the service. Hiring a single developer will cost you quite less when compared to hiring a full team of 5 to 6 developers.

We will create a pre-set budget based on the package and the number of people you are choosing for help. Depending on the quotation, you can settle the payment before starting your project.

Cost-effective Resources

It is always better to hire dedicated developers in place of a fixed cost model. So, depending on the project you have in hand, you can hire the dedicated resources and pay for that plan only. In the end, you get the opportunity to save a good amount of money. Furthermore, you will be receiving quality output while saving some big bucks on the present software development section.

The in-house team of multiple developers will have hands-on experience by using technologies and cutting-edge tools. The final goal is to develop premium-quality business solutions. We will add the best development practices for fulfilling business needs in an efficient manner.

Daily Meeting and Reports

Whenever you hire our dedicated resources to work on your project, you want them to give you a report of their progress. Whether you are aiming to cover a big project or a petty one, you need to know your business’s current standing. So, get to us as we offer daily meetings and reports. It helps you to stay connected with our workforce at every step of your project.

You will maintain transparency with us through our reports. Whether you want a daily report or weekly, we have it covered for you. Based on the report, you will come to know how long you have to wait to get the final program ready.

The Skilled Pool of Developers

With us, you will get the opportunity to hire a team of experts who have perfect domain expertise. Moreover, they ensure to communicate with the team in real-time using convenient methods. Moreover, we offer flexibility in scalability and pricing whenever you are hiring dedicated developers.

Join us to experience robust code and backup management for any unwanted issues. There will not be any expense on retaining and retaining as well. Furthermore, we will be assigned a dedicated lead for the developers’ team as a single contact point. The confidential corporate data will always remain safe with us whenever you are working on the project.

Security and Confidentiality

We believe in top-notch security and confidentiality services while handling your project. Each team member will go through series of hiring procedures to prove that they are able to keep up secrets on behalf of their clients. We are well-trained to keep the client’s confidentiality and integrity in place using the best security platform.

People will come to know more about the program we have been working on, only when it gets live and not before that. So, no matter how big or secretive the project is, you will get it secured from our side. We ensure the better growth of your program without letting anyone know about its functionality unless you want us to share the details with the world.

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Hiring, training, and infrastructure expenditures are eliminated when you hire dedicated remote developers from us. You must now evaluate your concept, hire the best engineers, and finish the job.

Hiring the best talent in computer programming at AKS Interactive solutions is a small sum. Just filling out the contact form on the webpage will do the job, and our support team will contact you at the earliest. When communicating with us, ensure all your goals and requirements are expressed in verbal and written forms. This will not only help us in providing the right developers but will also help to keep the process streamlined.

You risk damaging your company's brand if you don't hire the right developers. As a result, follow the guidelines to choose the best remote software developers.

The key benefits of hiring our dedicated development teams are the ideal combination of professional commitment, advanced skills, and affordable prices. Our experienced teams work as an extension of your workforce. This model for software and application development is reasonably suitable for the subsequent scenarios:

  • ● For products that demand technological upgrades periodically
  • ● To develop products and solutions that need third-party servers, multiple tech tools, and frameworks
  • ● Massive development projects that are complex and time-consuming

Through this model, you can leverage services such as custom web and mobile app development, QA and testing, designing user-friendly experiences, big data analytics, post-deployment maintenance and support, and data backup and migration services. Hiring a dedicated software development team gives you access to a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure.

Your subsequent query has a positive response. A developer can be hired on an hourly or project basis with the option to change employment models later.

You can choose any of our flexible employment models based on your project's needs, budget, and criteria. The three main categories we provide are dedicated, full-time, and hourly recruiting models.

Customers might recommend a hybrid strategy. Hire a dedicated mobile app developer for long-term collaboration using the per-hour model and a dedicated web developer using the per-project model (or "Fixed Price").

You would hire dedicated web or mobile app developers on an hourly basis. You will be charged a certain amount for each hour the team or individual developer works on your app or website. An hourly approach is better when you need clarification on a project's scope or if your needs are changeable.

Rapid technology advancements and growing challenges have resulted in massive demand for hiring software developers with in-depth technical skills.

You can hire a dedicated development team of developers, QA engineers, a project manager, a designer, and a business analyst if required. Then the team controls all the development processes, and you can focus on other business concerns.

It's also important to consider the developers' physical location because it will help determine the average hourly rate for a software developer.

For instance, costs will be involved if you engage a US-based custom software developer, such as social security and unemployment insurance contributions. Payroll taxes that pay for social insurance and other expenses will be factored into the rates charged by European developers. It is preferable to look outside Western markets because of their higher costs.

AKS Interactive Solutions offer quality dedicated developers at reasonable commercials.

Companies worldwide now realise how important it is to adapt to quick technological changes. Clients select developers based on their skill set, expertise, and experience in the dedicated developer model. You might hire professional developers with quality output and significant cost savings in software development along with your onsite and remote employees.

Our internal technology teams have first-hand knowledge of utilising cutting-edge tools and technologies to create high-calibre business solutions. We efficiently meet your business requirements while implementing the best development techniques.

AKS Interactive Solutions will be fully committed to providing the development services required to complete the assignment accurately, excellently, and within the mutually agreed-upon deadline. Technical support, competitive and fixed pricing, assured availability, and specialised knowledge are benefits of hiring professional developers.

We shall examine the prominent advantages of recruiting dedicated developers from us.

1. Obtaining Global Talent

This working model allows companies to come across highly talented candidates with advanced job skills and enormous industry experience.

2. Full Stack Services

It is one of the significant benefits of hiring dedicated developers. You will acquire high-end solutions like data backup and migration, customised web and mobile application development within a specified service charge.

3. Guaranteed Outcome

Software projects comprise diverse complexities and challenges. It is only possible to handle them sometimes with the help of an existing workforce. Such remote professionals have high-end skills and sufficient experience to deal with challenging projects using scrum or agile methodologies. Eventually, they serve your project requirements with 100% result-oriented solutions within a fixed deadline.

4. Cost-effective

Every company wants to curtail expenses; hence, it is emerging as one of the main benefits of hiring dedicated developers. These talented developers will accomplish these assignments quite efficiently from remote places.

5. Ensure flexibility

Dedicated hiring allows you to quickly expand or reduce the staff size depending on the project requirements. It eventually entitles you to save a lot of money.

It will be worth consulting a reputed software organisation like AKS Interactive Solutions to derive the ideal dedicated hiring solutions.

Yes. The dedicated web and app developer is your developer and will work only for you.

Hire developers who are solely focused on serving your needs. Our experts will handle all you need for project development, from app conception to app deployment, allowing you to concentrate on more vital tasks while we create a digital solution for your company. Connect with us, employ remote engineers based on your requirements, and begin creating notable digital works of art.

Why Hire Dedicated Developers Web and Mobile App Developers

Hire Dedicated developers in India to reduce the cost of software, web, or mobile development by more than 60%. Thanks to our adaptable engagement models, you can hire dedicated app developers in India to create top-notch solutions. AKS Interactive Solutions offers total control over your development team and provides real-time project status updates.

You can hire dedicated developers in India than opt for a fixed-cost model. You can get a quality outcome while saving significant dollars on software development. Our in-house expert teams of various technologies have hands-on experience using cutting-edge tools and technologies to develop high-quality business solutions. We efficiently meet your business requirements while implementing the best development techniques. Hire dedicated app developers in India from AKS Interactive Solutions for a growth-driven experience.

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Developers from AKS Interactive Solutions

AKS Interactive Solutions has a significant pool of experienced and dedicated mobile and web developers who can effectively convert visions into reality. Our hardworking and dedicated developers have years of expertise in providing top-notch solutions to large and small organisations worldwide.

The following are just a few advantages of working with our committed and talented mobile app developers:

  • ● Flexible Pricing & Working Models: Do you want to start a project but are limited by time? You can depend on our committed developers, so don't be concerned. Please take advantage of our excellent technical skills to develop your project and hire dedicated developers in India from us.
  • ● Work with Experienced & Skilled Resources: As the work quality is for the long term, simply being satisfied is not in our dictionary. All of our work is thoughtfully planned out and accomplished.
  • ● Superlative Technology: Our dedicated developers remain updated with the latest trend as technology develops to perform very effectively and provide top-notch solutions.
  • ● Converting Vision into Reality: Our dedicated developers assist in bringing your ideas to life with their hands-on expertise thanks to our dedication and development expertise.
  • ● Cost-effective & On-time Delivery: The amount of time and work any project demands can differ significantly. Our dedicated developers provide high-quality services that go above and beyond what is offered by competitors.
  • ● Secured & Fail-safe Environment: Your confidential client and company data is completely safe when we work on your project. We follow strict safeguarding procedures to ensure data confidentiality, and we recommend that you hire dedicated app developers in India from us.
How can you Hire Dedicated Developers in India from AKS Interactive Solutions?

  • ● Discuss your Requirements
  • ● Examine Project Feasibility
  • ● Select Required Skill Set
  • ● Hire from our talented resources
  • ● Initiate work
Hire dedicated mobile app developers in India who will work on your timeline, milestone, and time zone

Our proficiency to transform your tomorrow comes from more than ten years of experience working with Fortune 500 firms and start-ups. Leverage the expertise of our dedicated Web and App developers to be at the forefront of your industry.

  • ● Simple & Transparent Pricing
  • ● Fully Signed NDA
  • ● Code Security
  • ● Easy Exit Policy
Hire dedicated Mobile App Developers with Diversified Technology Expertise

As a top offshore mobile and web apps development firm in India, AKS Interactive Solutions houses various technology veterans in their respective fields. Hire remote developers, in-house developers and programmers who can work on the waterfall and the agile methodology for building bespoke IT solutions.

To decrease operational expenses, shorten the backlog, and increase customer happiness, find the best development support and maintenance services at AKS Interactive Solutions.

AKS Interactive Solutions Model to hire Dedicated Developers in India

We offer you budget-friendly solutions, and you can hire dedicated mobile app developers at affordable prices.

Hourly Based
  • ● No complexity – pay hourly, happily
  • ● Use hours as and when required
  • ● Enjoy flexibility -add hours at any time
  • ● Monthly billing – no hidden costs
  • ● Fixed amount – precise budget figure
  • ● A fixed period of project completion
  • ● Ideal for projects with fixed scope
  • ● No setup fees – monthly billing
  • ● Flexibility unlimited –best model
  • ● The entire team works on only your project
  • ● Build your team –have total control
  • ● Flexibility to add or remove resources

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