E-Commerce, the Latest tool of Marketing and Promotion of startups

E- Commerce is basically what one sells and what one buys takes place online, even the payments. Yes! You heard that correct. Essentially, E-Commerce is making the life easy for buyers and sellers at the same time. Now, the question comes is it there to demolish the pre- occupied traditional physical markets?

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Golden Rules of Managing Google AdWords Campaign Cost For Your Startup


Are you planning to create PPC campaign on your own? Pay per click is a digital marketing strategy that can be of great use when deployed strategically. Creating a campaign always comes easy, you just need to know the basics, set up an AdWords account, and rest can be accomplished. The thing that most startups stumble across is managing the campaign cost. PPC can turn to be quite hefty for a startup when not managed properly and hence you need to get the control in your hands.

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How to Measure the Productivity of an Email Marketing Campaign for Better Business Conversions?


Do you market your products or services with the help of emails? Email is the oldest yet a significant channel for marketing a brand or business to the right audience. It carries a highly personal and direct message to attract the leads. When done creatively and strategically, Email marketing is likely to convert more leads than you will expect.

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Six Conversion Rate Optimization Blunders and Solutions That Every Marketer Must Know

CRO 2017-06-20

Do you believe that your website is perfect? You may have an online business, a startup, or even a blog selling special services or products. But, have you been clueless as to why things aren’t just working the way you want them. You aren’t attracting enough customers to do business with despite the increased conversion rates. What is possibly wrong? When you are the marketer for your business, it is crucial enough to understand the relevance of adapting to the right conversion rate methods.

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Seven Common Banner Design Mistakes That Every Brand Must Avoid


Web banner is the preliminary form of brand endorsement just the way billboards are in case of traditional marketing. It is used for a variety of tasks and is generally put up on the website, social media and banner ads. Banners include high-quality graphics and texts to depict about the brand and their offered products as well as services. It is easy enough to capture the right attention with the help of a beautiful banner that displays just the right amount of information.

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