The privacy policy of AKS is very transparent so that everyone who visits our website is clear about the way we conduct our business. There are no hidden costs or any misguided words to make our working relations an unpleasant one. Our privacy policy is subject to change without any prior notice. In order to be updated about any changes please check our policy at regular intervals.

Gathering of personally identifiable information

We take personally identifiable information from each and every client i.e. their email address, name, home address, office address, phone number etc. This information is required by our team in order to conduct a secure and safe business. We gather this information in order to promote a service that is related to your interests, troubleshoot any crisis, collect payments and basically provide you any information regarding your business.

Demographic and Psychographic data analysis

We conduct demographic (collection of data regarding name, age, location, sex, wealth etc. of your target audience) research for your online business and base our services according to your marketing strategy. This research is conducted by us so that your business does not lose its commercial component. We also conduct psychographic analysis for your online business that is we analyze your target audience's interest, attitude, and opinion and make your website according to their response. We implement all the information relating to the feedback observed by us in your online business to gain maximum traffic and visibility online. We sometimes ask you to fill optional surveys to assess demographic and psychographic information and send you content according to your interests.

Safety precautions

We guard your information against becoming public or ending up in the wrong hands. We have a strict policy that protects your information against misuse, alteration and loss. We recommend the services of a secure server so that every payment that is made is through a secured payment gateway without ever worrying about third parties filtering the security information of your customers.

Maintenance of Cookies

The information gathered while browsing is stored in the form of a cookie. Certain websites may try to steal your information in order to send unnecessary advertisements to you. This unsecured way of obtaining information is unethical and we help to maintain the information that is stored in cookies by regularly deleting and securing your cookie information. We make sure that these cookies do not have any personally identifiable information that will lead to cyber crime.

No sharing of personal information

We understand that your information is highly confidential and we therefore have a strict policy of never sharing your personal information with any third parties. We don't share your information with our other clients as mentioned in our NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). There are many fraudulent third parties that may use your personal information to conduct illegal activities thereby we regulate that your information never leaks out of our company. We may disseminate information to law enforcement entities if it becomes necessary to do so.

Customer service and technical support

Our customer services will help you solve any query you might have regarding our services. In case of any issues you can call our customer care at any time whether its night or day. We are available 24/7 to cater to your needs. The technical support will help solve any problems that might have incurred due to a technological glitch. Fill our contact form for filing a complaint or requesting information regarding our policy and our representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

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