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Unlock the potential of your business with our Android App development services. At AKS, we develop distinctive mobile apps that ensure a smooth and user-friendly interface for the user.
Android App For Every Business which allows business managers to organize or assign tasks to others
Is it Necessary to get your Business on the App?

Absolutely! There are more than 5 billion people who have subscribed to mobile business services. if your business isn’t available on the mobile platform you might lose out on potential customers.

Expert Consultation - We love bringing new clients on board

Expert Consultation

We will be there with you from start to the end. We help you with possible solutions and strategies which would enhance your business through apps.

Focused Design Strategy - interaction design, and project management

Focused Design Strategy

Designing requires competence and great understanding about the client’s needs. We ensure that our innovative UI is visually stunning and relevant to our client’s business.

Develop Apps by Sketching app idea and do some market research

How do we Develop Apps?

We implement a complete and thorough research, then develop wireframes for the design, define the architecture for the app, test the app after its completion, provide actual usability report on regular interims, then perform actual device testing taking into account several platforms such as mobile and tablet for uniformity. The last step involves monitoring any issues, testing crashes, optimizing the app and providing solutions.

Tools & Technologies

Following the rigorous development process, we make sure that your mobile app interacts with users without any glitches. With careful supervision through reliable technologies, we can deliver a unique and extraordinary mobile app. We use flexible and scalable development platforms that can be updated in future according to the needs of our client.


Android SDK


Linux, Windows 7 and
Windows 8


Orio, Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop


Kotlin, JAVA

A sneak peak of our work

We ensure a smooth flow of work that is appreciated and remarkable in this high-fragmented multi-device world. Additionally, we also offer extensive support and expert techniques to help make your business successful.

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App security and uniformity

Every app needs to ensure that the design applies to a uniform pattern which looks, behaves and functions in the same way regardless of the device. We ensure that the pattern complies across all platforms and meets various security measures.

Android App Development In Delhi: Empowering Digital Innovation
Android App Development in Delhi

In today's quick-paced, technologically evolved culture, mobile applications have become an integral part of every aspect of our lives. Android is an extremely commonly utilized platform among the several operating systems for smartphones around the globe. The popularity of Android has raised interest in the creation of Android app services. The importance of Android app development in Delhi, the answers we offer, the benefits of using apps for Android, and the reasons why businesses choose our company to meet their Android app development needs will all be covered in this article

Our Android App Development in Delhi

We take pleasure in our ability to design unique and intuitive apps that appeal to diverse businesses and industries as a prominent Android app development company in Delhi. Our talented and skilled developers have an in-depth knowledge of the Android environment, guaranteeing that our clients obtain innovative solutions that are customized to their individual needs

We have confidence in a client-centric strategy in which we prioritize knowing the objectives and aspirations. We keep our clients involved throughout the creation process through transparent interaction and working together. Our Android app development services include developing, testing, designing, and providing ongoing assistance to ensure a smooth and strong user interface

Benefits of Using Android App Development
  • ● Global Reach: As the most frequently used mobile platform globally, Android provides businesses with unrivaled access to a large user base. Creating an Android app allows businesses to reach more people and increase their market share.
  • ● Cost-Effective: Android app development company in Delhi is often less expensive ● Cost-Effective: Android app development company in Delhi is often less expensive than those of other platforms. The Android operating system is open-source, which reduces licensing as well as development costs. Furthermore, with a wide range of Android smartphones accessible at varying price ranges, businesses may reach more people without busting their budgets
  • ● Customization: Because Android is a highly flexible platform, programmers may design specialized apps that suit particular company needs. This adaptability enables firms that stand apart in a crowded market and provide a distinct experience for users
  • ● Google Services Integration: Android App Development integrates smoothly with Google's suite of services, including Maps, Google Drive, and Google Pay. It improves the app's usability and gives users a simpler and more intuitive interface
  • ● App Distribution Made Simple: The Google Play Store makes app distribution simple and painless. Android app development company in Delhi may quickly launch their apps for Android, reaching several users globally
Why Do Businesses Choose Us For Android App Development?
  • ● Expertise & Exposure: The Android app developers in Delhi possess years of experience and are highly skilled at producing high-caliber applications. To offer our consumers the newest and most innovative alternatives, we stay on top of the latest developments
  • ● Customized Techniques: We are aware that every business is unique, and that each one has particular app requirements. Because of our tailored approach, we can create applications for Android that perfectly match the goals and vision, which makes users delighted
  • ● Delivery on Time: We use a systematic development process to guarantee timely delivery without compromising quality. Our Android app developers in Delhi have the dedication to keeping our word ensures that the Android apps for our customers are deployed on schedule
  • ● Support & Upkeep: Our services remain available long after the app is made available. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to address any issues and make sure the app functions properly in the constantly shifting digital landscape
Unleashing Commercial Potential

The significance of Android app development in Delhi for businesses trying to transform how they operate digitally cannot be overstated. Thanks to its enormous user base, affordability, and adaptable features, Android offers an attractive platform for companies wishing to broaden their reach and effectively engage those they want to reach. The Delhi Android app development services provide specialized and approachable solutions, allowing firms to maintain an edge in the competitive business world. We set high importance on customer satisfaction and technological expertise in our capacity as the go-to supplier of reliable and superior Android application creation services

Android app development alludes to creation of applications that will specifically function on android operating systems and devices like smartphones and tablets. The process of creation of such apps starts from designing, coding, testing and ends when the app gets deployed
The security of an app is highly crucial in order to protect the customer data and the app itself. In order to attain customer retention, you need to optimize performance to ensure smooth and responsive user experience that can be assured by a competent android app development company Delhi.
The agency and developers are supposed are supposed to follow certain rules and regulations that include propriety rights and data privacy, compliance with the google play store policies and potential copy rights and trademark issues.
In order to develop an android application, there are programming languages and software tools are utilised by android app developer in Delhi. Java or Kotlin for programming being the popular amongst the lot and various libraries and frameworks for functionality, as well as version control systems like Git.
In order to ensure compatibility with different density and screen sizes android offers various layouts and resource qualifiers.
Developers choose strategy that suits best in accordance with their app and the target audience. Android applications monetization options include in app ads, selling premium features, offering subscription plan and utilizing in-app purchases for virtual goods.
Users should be able to grant or deny these permissions and android apps should request permissions only when necessary and explain why they are needed. Developers of android app development company Gurgaon handle permission requests gracefully, considering user preferences.
A design language created by google, that focuses on a clean and consistent user interface is referred to as android material design. This stands crucial for app development as it provides guidelines and components for creating visually appealing and user-friendly apps, improving user experience and engagement.

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