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As the name suggests, Flutter App is as quick and light as a butterfly fluttering its wings. Flutter framework is used for building native interfaces on Android and iOS. When used in a native app, Flutter facilitates fiving a web view.
Why Flutter?

By using a single codebase, Flutter allows you to build creative and stunning native apps on iOS and Android.




Rapid Development

Recompiling the app after every experiment a developer does takes away a lot of time. With Hot Reloading, developers can preview code changes in hardware or stimulators and build UIs , features and bugs faster in iOS and Android platforms.

UI Building and Built-in Widgets

Flutter can draw its own widget with the help of its high performance rendering engine. UI Building is fast easy and customizable.

Different looks for Android and IOS

With Flutter, you can get different themes for android and IOS apps with differences in style of widgets.

Industry Oriented

  • Health
  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Events
  • Culture

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