Email Marketing
If there's a smooth and intuitive way to promote your products and services and make your business shine in the horde of strong competitors, it's definitely e-mail marketing. Getting into an ecommerce business or running an e-commerce website can be an easy move to make but what follows is a sense of responsibility and utmost concern to keep the business running and growing smoothly. At AKS Interactive, you discover

top email marketing campaign services

to help you target your audience with maximized deliverability for assured results.
Benefit with the advanced tools of the most time-tested marketing strategy
Create and Customize Newsletters

AKS is a platform you will love to be at and our team is a group of techie designer you’ll love to work with. With highly customized and engaging email templates and newsletters, our team provides you a great email creation experience. Your ideas and our creativity and there we get responsive emails that are all ready to boost your marketing results.

Build and Manage Email List

We build an appropriate marketing list for your email campaigns and bring it to life. Whether you want remove contacts from your list or take your data elsewhere, AKS allows you to manage and streamline your list according to your needs.

Social Media Integration

We want you to be a smart marketer and for this we ourselves act smart. Using Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels as a powerful tool, we enable you to go social with your fans and followers and add some new subscribers and customers to your list.

Advanced Segmentation

Email campaigns we design for you are much more than a way to connect with customers. Aks’s smart email list segmentation, which is based on customer behavior history, demographics, purchasing history and customer value, lets you easily organize your audience for better engagement.

Track Campaigns and Monitor Reports

Creating and sending email campaigns on your behalf is not the only thing we do. But we keep a tab on how those email campaigns are doing. And, you too get a comprehensive report with graphs and added details of your email campaign results.

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