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Enjoy the brilliant opportunity to save around 40% of the development cost by hiring software developers from us. Now hire brilliant, dedicated resources from us to upgrade your software development capabilities to an all-new level. We are renowned globally for our team of agile developers, ready to serve you 24/7 throughout the year.

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Hire Dedicated Android Developer

AKS Interactive is currently offering dedicated Android developers to cover both bigger and smaller projects. It does not matter how complex the project is; you can hire our developers on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis. We have conquered multiple projects for B2B and B2C clients already. Therefore, if you have plans to create an Android app for your business, we will provide you with the best team to help out.

We have accumulated an experienced, talented and skilled pool of software designers, engineers and other related professionals. So, our dedicated team consists of highly skilled Android developers, working hand in hand with the consultants for crafting bespoke mobile solutions, matching your business needs.

A leading Android app development team

Our leading Android Developers will build fully functional and scalable mobile app solutions for smaller, mid-large scale businesses and larger enterprises across various industrial verticals. So, you get to hire the Android app developers for your dream project easily, and it will turn into a reality in the hands of the major Android device users. They are occupying around 50% of the world.

Expertise areas in
Android app development

Our Android Developer can help in including updated and modern integrated, seamless apps, which are not just functional for your business but will combine some irresistible features for matching your business needs.

We have currently spread out work across the globe but covering various corners of India, addressing people of multiple industrial verticals. Our proficient developers will execute their expertise with cutting-edge technology to develop apps, aligning with your business needs. Our wide range of Android development services will include:

Android App Icon

Android App

App Testing Icon


Android App Conslutation Icon

Android app

Android Developer Icon

Customised android
app development

App Support Icon

App support
and maintenance

Android UI Icon

Android UI or
UX design

The steps we take to hire

We follow a simple step every time when you are planning to hire services from our Android Developer. So, let’s learn a tad bit about those steps just to be on the right path.


At first, we will inquire about your ideas and your needs. Do not worry, as the information remains secure and confidential with us. Our main purpose over here is to learn what our clients are looking for in their Android apps.

Select the CV

We have multiple candidates for you to shortlist, depending on the best fit. You can check out their CVs to know more about the credentials before you can finalise the best team of workers. If you want, you can hire only one Android Developer from our side.

Take the interview sessions

Now, you have every right to take interviews of the selected candidates over video call or phone, whichever seems preferable for your business.

Add extra resources to our existing team

Depending on the interview procedure, you can select the impressive candidates for your project and add them to your own team.

If yosu are not satisfied with the resources you got initially, then you can always choose some new resources from our side. All will follow the same routine.

Our hiring procedures

Through us, you will enjoy flexible hiring models. It helps clients to hire our developer as and when they need it, based on the project requirements.


Hourly basis

Here, the billing takes place on the number of hiring hours. There will be time tracking using modern tools, along with monthly bill generation from our side.



Here, the billing takes place for 20 hours every week. You will receive help from a dedicated project manager. You will constantly stay in touch with the manager via phone, mail or Skype. A monthly bill will be generated at the end of every month.

user clock


We will add the billing for 40 hours a week, with help from our dedicated project manager. We offer transparent communication to our clients through phone, mail or Skype. In the end, you will receive customised payment modules, depending on the working hours.

Why hire Android developers from AKS Interactive

Hire Android Developer from us at AKS Interactive and procure benefits of the cost-effective form of app development. It helps in shaping up your ideas into a profitable app. We will understand the need of your business well and then develop a greater app for moving your firm forward.

We have a dedicated team of developers who are trained to deliver high-end solutions on multiple frameworks.

No need for you to work on the strict and rigid parameters as we follow flexible engagement models

Not just offering flexible hiring models, but we help you to hire our developers for matching your android app project needs well. Want to know why we are the best? Let’s find out

Saving a great deal of money

Hiring a new set of developers, training them to match with the latest trends and then retaining their services can be pretty expensive and an added headache. So, instead, hire our android app developers, who are already trained. Now, you get to procure unmatched cost savings, plus reliable services.

Transparent work procedure

Our company has a transparent working procedure. So, you can easily see and even monitor the changes taking place in your development stages anytime you want. We will further present you with comprehensive reports about the current status of your project so that you don’t have to stay in the dark!

Professional collaboration

We manage our projects using the Basecamp tool. So, now, you can keep a close watch on the performance and tasks of our team of Android app Developers. Moreover, you can stay in constant touch with them to communicate all your changing requirements.

Help from full-stack developers

Whether you are trying to add a new design or a new function, we have well-trained android app developers for the same. You will get help with the upgrade or migration of your old website to give it a new shape. Our full-stack Android app developers are always available, around the clock, for you to hire.

Our series of advantages will surely make AKS Interactive completely different from our competitors. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

Reliable reporting

Procure accurate reports on a daily basis to keep track of your entire project.

High-end availability

Our team is constantly available for your needs when the project is undergoing and even after it is completed.

Delivery right on time and fast

Complete your projects faster with our dedicated developers, abiding by project deadlines.

Help from dedicated project manager

Always get help from our dedicated project manager. He will bridge the gap between you and your hired development team.

Usage of project management tool

Now you can get access to a dedicated project management tool to help you keep track of the daily activities and tasks of your team.

Enhancing transparent and direct communication

Communicate with our Android App Developer directly so that you can convey your requirements smoothly and first hand.

Want to know how you can hire our developers? We follow a simple step by step module for easier understanding.

Share your needs

At first, we need your requirements. Do you want the android application from the starting point or want to migrate your old version to this new field? If you have any other needs for us to follow, please mention that as well.

Analysing the project

When we are through with your needs, we will create a comprehensive project analysis to check. Our professional analyst will go through your needs, goals and challenges to create a comprehensive solution.

Selecting the team or a single developer

You have the entire freedom to go through our list of Android app Developers and pick your team accordingly. We will shortlist the resources based on your requirements, but the final call is always yours.

Selecting the best hiring model

Apart from selecting the dedicated developer for your project, you can choose the best hiring model. You can hire our programmer on an hourly basis, full-time or on a part-time basis.

Starting off with your project

After you make the initial payment, we will start working on your project. You will get constant help from a dedicated project manager, who will be your communicative point. They will transfer your needs to the developers’ team and offer you periodic reports for checking.

Monitoring your performance

Use our project management tool to keep a note of the performance progression of your project. It helps you to know if everything is on track or not!

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When you hire a dedicated Android developer for your project, it means that the developer will dedicatedly work for your project. This in turn helps the developer work in close contact with you, understand your business goals and translate it into reality.

The cost of hiring dedicated android app developers depends upon their skills and expertise. Apart from that it also depends upon the kind of work you need from them and the extent of customisation needed in your app. We have the best team at our office.

Yes we offer the best possible solutions to all our clients. The solutions depend upon the need and expectations of the client along with the timeline with which we have to deliver the project. Our Android App developer’s team is the best in the market.

Customisation, Creativity, Bug Free App, Smooth Customer Interface, Transparency, Cost Effective Solutions, Best turnaround time and honest, these are just to name a few things our team of android App developers are well known for amongst our clients. Your needs our services.

The team of dedicated Android App developers have the vision to offer the best possible solutions with the most cost effective pricing and a robust design. They are skilled experts who after the client meeting conduct research in order to design an app that bet suits your business needs.

Think Business, Think Android App Developer, hire the best at AKS!

If you wish to see your business profits and scales SKY Rockets, it’s time to hire a dedicated android app developer. We at AKS Interactive know the value of your dreams and business and therefore suggest the best possible solutions to make it prosper and grow.

We all know that the Android Operating Systems have simply swept the market with it efficiency, high ROIs and smooth user interface. If we look at the percentage of users using Android vs IOS we surely will understand the importance of hiring a dedicated android app developer for our business.

Today for businesses new and old, big and small, it is important to keep customising their solutions and service as per the changing need and expectations. Earlier people would like to visit banks, marketplaces, shopping malls, and grocery shops, departmental stores to fulfil their basic and daily needs of different things. But now most of us like to finish our banking operations, monthly grocery lists, daily essentials buys in just a few clicks!

C’mon who has the time to actually visit?

And in order to give your customer what he or she needs in just a few clicks….

It is vital to hire a dedicated android app developer who is efficient, creative and versatile.

An Application surely makes life easy of customers but it happens only when we build wireframe on the basis of good research.

A good Android App can not only increase customer engagement and a higher ROI but it can also help you build a huge clientele in just a few days!

Imagine seeing your business sky rocket in just a few days!!

WOW isn’t it?

But all of this depends upon the quality of app which again depends upon a lot of other things such as

  • 1. How visually attractive the app is?
  • 2. What levels of personalisation have been used?
  • 3. What are the strategies used by the team to develop wire frame
  • 4. How easy it is to use the app?
  • 5. Is your app bug free?

Before we delve into understanding all of the above it is important to first understand – Why should you choose Android app development?

When hiring a dedicated android app developer, one must understand that this operating system for start-ups and enterprises.

Here are top 5 reasons why?
  • 1. It is an extremely cost effective platforms
  • 2. The operating system gives easy access to tool and systems to dedicated android developers
  • 3. There are rarely any compatibility issues as there are updates of OS version almost every day
  • 4. It is a platform which is quick and easy to develop
  • 5. There are many working models of apps available which make it faster.

The market today is flooded with plethora of applications which makes the market extremely versatile and competitive for business owners and enterprises.

They have to compete with the options available and attract attention of potential customers towards their products through these apps.

Therefore it is more than important to look for an android app developer for hire who can get those eyes on your business and product.

And our team of robust, versatile and dedicated team of android app developer just do that.

Wondering what we promise?
We promise:
  • 1. Higher ROIs from day 1: With working models available our team of developers have to spend less time developing and more time designing and testing, which ends up lowering costs of development and giving higher ROIs on your business
  • 2. Lower cost of app development: As mentioned earlier, creating an Android App is fairly cheap as compared to IOS App Development.
  • 3. Quick deployment: When a dedicated android app developer creates an app for your business it has a rapid development cycle lasting only a few hours. This gives companies who wish to hit the market as soon as possible an edge over others, Reduced Time to Market (TTM) is, thus, one of the best benefits of Android development.
  • 4. An app that is versatile and scalable: Post the introduction of Android Studio, the operating system has moved a notch up on flexibility and adaptability. The finesses with which it integrate with the entire Android ecosystem including smartphones, tablets, wear-ables, and Android TV is remarkable. This features makes Android Apps not only compatible with emerging technologies like IoT, AR, and VR, but speaks volumes of its promising future in the market. This feature can easily be counted as one of the significant android app benefits.

    Also this characteristic of the Android app platform allows android app developers to build dynamic mobile applications that serve multiple purposes after being installed on the device.

  • 5. An app that works on multiple platforms: To develop an Android App, developer use Java as a programming language which makes it easy to port the app to multiple operating systems. Thus, businesses can target multiple platforms. It is one of the many reasons why organizations choose Android development.

    Google also made Kotlin an official language (or a Java alternative) for developing Android Apps. Kotlin Multiplatform can be used to power applications that run on iOS & Android. Leading technology companies like Pivotal, Atlassian, and giants like Pinterest, Uber, and Evernote are also using Kotlin for their Android solutions.

  • 6. An app that can be customised: By now we do know that this platform is one of the best for building a customised app
  • 7. An app that is not only easy to use.
  • 8. But is also SECURE: During app development our team of dedicated android developers introduce several additional and in-built security features for your app, which help with the protection against malware and viruses.

    Sustainability, Reliability, Reasonability, Efficiency, Versatility and so many features, when you hire an android app developer at AKS it opens a world of opportunities for you and your business.

    So what are you waiting for, visit our office today and meet our team that will translate your dream into reality.

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