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Enjoy the brilliant opportunity to save around 40% of the development cost by hiring software developers from us. Now hire brilliant, dedicated resources from us to upgrade your software development capabilities to an all-new level. We are renowned globally for our team of agile developers, ready to serve you 24/7 throughout the year.

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Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developer

Join us at AKS Interactive, where you will get services from a team of mobile app developers with experience and extensive skills. They have rich knowledge of all the app development platforms and the necessary technologies. Their primary focus will be on creating apps, which add value to the client’s business. Moreover, with us, you will receive flexible hiring models on a part-time, full-time, or hourly basis.

We have successfully delivered hundreds of projects, bang on time and with quality results. Our dedicated iOS Developer is well trained to work on any project associated with the latest trends. You can hire our services on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis. We are providing services to cover B2B and B2C categories.

With us, you get to save around 70% of your cost. Moreover, there are multiple flexible engagement models. We follow the strict NDA terms and can provide the same business hours of work. It is going to be an easy team to scale up to deliver projects 2 times faster. Our experienced programmers will maintain excellent communication to maintain transparency with you on your iOS mobile app.

Team of trusted mobile app developers

With mobility becoming the cornerstone of any business, investing in the apps is no longer a choice for the business owners but a necessity. It is where the customers are and where they want your services to be. With so many smart apps already hovering over the Apple and Google Play Store, beating them to reach the top can be tough. The only solution is to create an excellent interface along with some exceptional features. For that, the best thing to do is to hire an experienced Mobile App Developer from our side. He works with an entire team and is ready to bring knowledge, experience and skills for creating the best apps to match business needs.

Top-notch app development services

Our team is here to offer quality mobile app development services designed for start-ups and enterprise-grade businesses. As our team specialises in the whole mobile development platform and some innovative technologies, we will emerge as the right business choice, willing to explore that unmatched potential of the smart apps.

Various industries we serve

We have covered multiple sectors with our smart mobile apps. Join our Mobile App Developer and let him know your needs. We will smartly create an interactive mobile app based on the industry you serve and your flexible needs.


We will create end-to-end and customised mobile apps to add value to healthcare services and enhance patient care levels.


We have feature loaded consumer apps designed to deliver a promising shopping experience and then drive the conversions for the online stores.


Get in touch with advanced enterprise based mobility solutions to automate operations and then promote collaboration between the employees.

Finance and banking

Get hold of user-friendly and secure mobile apps, which will bring financial operations and banking to your customers' fingertips.

Travel and transport

We have special transport and travel mobility solutions. The main goal is to bridge the gaps and make the world easier to reach.

Entertainment and media

Entertainment mobile apps and powerful media apps will help in serving enriching experiences to users and then extend business reach.


You are most welcome to hire our Mobile App Developer, who can professionally create advanced app solutions to take the hospitality experience to another level and propel business growth.


Education apps will enable virtual training and learning experiences and will make them more interactive.

Our hiring procedure

Through us, you will enjoy flexible hiring models. It helps clients to hire our developer as and when they need it, based on the project requirements.


Hourly basis

Here, the billing takes place on the number of hiring hours. There will be time tracking using modern tools, along with monthly bill generation from our side.



Here, the billing takes place for 20 hours every week. You will receive help from a dedicated project manager. You will constantly stay in touch with the manager via phone, mail or Skype. A monthly bill will be generated at the end of every month.

user clock


We will add the billing for 40 hours a week, with help from our dedicated project manager. We offer transparent communication to our clients through phone, mail or Skype. In the end, you will receive customised payment modules, depending on the working hours.

Reasons to hire mobile app developers from AKS Interactive

Whenever you are planning to hire services from a Mobile App Developer, you need to get attention to certain things. Our team from AKS Interactive will stand apart as one reliable application development partner whose main goal is to focus on delivering apps, which will add value to your business.

We follow direct communication with the developer. So, you get to connect and then communicate directly with the team that you have hired to share your feedback and requirements.

Procure extensive skills and knowledge associated with the diverse mobile platforms and the latest app technologies.

Join us to enjoy a faster turnaround time. Get the mobile app developed within a minimal span of time.

Not just offering flexible hiring models, but we help you to hire our developers for matching your mobile app project needs well. Want to know why we are the best? Let’s find out

Saving a great deal of money

Hiring a new set of developers, training them to match with the latest trends and then retaining their services can be pretty expensive and an added headache. So, instead, hire our mobile app developers, who are already trained. Now, you get to procure unmatched cost savings, plus reliable services.

Transparent work procedure

Our company has a transparent working procedure. So, you can easily see and even monitor the changes taking place in your development stages anytime you want. We will further present you with comprehensive reports about the current status of your project so that you don’t have to stay in the dark!

Professional collaboration

We manage our projects using the Basecamp tool. So, now, you can keep a close watch on the performance and tasks of our team of mobile app Developers. Moreover, you can stay in constant touch with them to communicate all your changing requirements.

Help from full-stack developers

Whether you are trying to add a new design or a new function, we have well-trained mobile app developers for the same. You will get help with the upgrade or migration of your old website to give it a new shape. Our full-stack mobile app developers are always available, around the clock, for you to hire.

Our series of advantages will surely make AKS Interactive completely different from our competitors. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

Reliable reporting

Procure accurate reports on a daily basis to keep track of your entire project.

High-end availability

Our team is constantly available for your needs when the project is undergoing and even after it is completed.

Delivery right on time and fast

Complete your projects faster with our dedicated developers, abiding by project deadlines.

Help from dedicated project manager

Always get help from our dedicated project manager. He will bridge the gap between you and your hired development team.

Usage of project management tool

Now you can get access to a dedicated project management tool to help you keep track of the daily activities and tasks of your team.

Enhancing transparent and direct communication

Communicate with our Mobile App Developer directly so that you can convey your requirements smoothly and first hand.

Want to know how you can hire our developers? We follow a simple step by step module for easier understanding.

Share your needs

At first, we need your requirements. Do you want the mobile app from the starting point or want to migrate your old version to this new field? If you have any other needs for us to follow, please mention that as well.

Analysing the project

When we are through with your needs, we will create a comprehensive project analysis to check. Our professional analyst will go through your needs, goals and challenges to create a comprehensive solution.

Selecting the team or a single developer

You have the entire freedom to go through our list of mobile app Developers and pick your team accordingly. We will shortlist the resources based on your requirements, but the final call is always yours.

Selecting the best hiring model

Apart from selecting the dedicated developer for your project, you can choose the best hiring model. You can hire our programmer on an hourly basis, full-time or on a part-time basis.

Starting off with your project

After you make the initial payment, we will start working on your project. You will get constant help from a dedicated project manager, who will be your communicative point. They will transfer your needs to the developers’ team and offer you periodic reports for checking.

Monitoring your performance

Use our project management tool to keep a note of the performance progression of your project. It helps you to know if everything is on track or not!

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The cost of hiring a dedicated mobile app developer depends upon the skill and expertise of the professional. There are many experts available but the best app dedicated app developers are at AKS. Hire the best and leave the rest to us.

Dedicated Mobile App developers in India are creative, versatile and full of energy to experiment. They come up with new ideas, work on developing a strong wire frame, meet deadline and offer post-delivery maintenance services to ensure a smooth user interface.

We at AKS Interactive have been in the field of mobile app development since more than a decade; our clientele is not only spread across India but across the globe. We have off shore as well on shore clients. We offer our clients the best mobile app developers in India at a cost effective rate.

Yes AKS Interactive does have a long history of happy clients and smooth deliveries. We have been into mobile app development for now more than 7 years and offer the most creative and dedicated team of mobile app developers to our clients. We ensure that each project we take up is delivered on time and at the best possible cost.

Yes we do have a dedicated team of mobile app developers led by a Project Manager who will continuously be working on your project, daily updates and reports will be shared with you to ensure transparency and consistency. We offer the best possible solutions.

Dedicated Mobile App Developers work on project basis and therefore we recommend hiring them for projects and not on hourly basis. We first understand the requirement of client and then offer the best possible solutions at the most cost effective prices.

Once a project starts our team of dedicated mobile app developers do work on a specific project with a timeline on a daily basis, we ensure that your money is not wasted and deadline set by us is met. We also keep a margin for feedback and suggestions to be incorporated.

Well we all know that a well-designed mobile application ensures ease of use, increasing customer engagement which eventually leads to more profits.

And that’s what each business needs today

As an experienced mobile app development company, we take pride in providing our clients with a skilled team of Android and iOS developers.

Think of hiring a dedicated mobile app developer?

Visit AKS today!

AKS Interactive has been in the field of mobile app development for now more than 15 years.

As one of India’s and Delhi NCR’s premium app development, web designing and graphic designing company, we offer solutions to our clients that are robust and scalable.

Our expertise in mobile app development is reflected through the positive feedback and testimonials we receive from our clients time and again.

Apps developed at AKS are known to be:
  • 1. Robust
  • 2. Creative
  • 3. Versatile
  • 4. Efficient
  • 5. Scalable

Are you still confused?

Then come and meet our time of dedicate mobile app developer today!

Like a tailor made trouser has a perfect fit if stitched by an expert

Once your hire our team of dedicated mobile app developer, you will get an app that fits your business requirement perfectly.

Our squad consists of experts in product development and cloud application development services who ensure that apps developed at their work bay are
  • 1. Smooth
  • 2. Seamless
  • 3. And enable prospective customers visting the app take a better decision!

We also offer customized solutions to our clients to make informed business decisions through data-driven systems which can enhance consumer engagement, thereby contributing to their company's growth.

With 100+happy clients served, our services speak volumes about the standards and quality we maintain at the firm.

Our quality checks and maintenance services is what you would expect from some of the top app development companies of India.

Wondering what happens when you hire a dedicated mobile app developer?
  • Step 1 – We have a meeting with the client and define their business objective which makes it easier for us to understand their business, their needs and expectations from the app.
  • Step 2 – After the meeting our team carries out a research to understand your target audience – age, sex, location, preferences, interests and other things.
  • Step 3 – The 1st wireframe is created on the basis of research conducted and meeting with client, the team of dedicated mobile app developers gets to work and create a rough draft which is also called the wireframe to show it to the client.
  • Step 4 –Discussions, negotiations, suggestions are all done at this stage with the wireframe
  • Step 5 –The team now starts to design and develop the actual app with all the feedback provided by the client.

    We create user-friendly and virtually attractive design that no customer can turn down!

  • Step 6 –For a seamless user experience the applications are then tested, and the errors are resolved by the team before they move to the final stage.

    We believe in perfection and therefore we carry out this stage in phases at our office

  • Step 7 – Release This is the most important stage as the application is given to the client to use, work and launch in the market. Our team of dedicated mobile app developers also provide in depth training and hands on learning to the client and its team this stage.

    We do not believe in leaving the client confused at any stage.

    Complete training and handover happens here.

  • Step 8 – Maintenance We offer post product launch services to our client to ensure a bug free and smooth functioning app for their business.

    When dealing with clients we believe in Consistency, Dedication and complete transparency.

    Our product design and development service team is not only a seasoned bunch of individuals who are experts in designing excellent digital web applications and mobile applications but are people with a vision and a focus.

    The right set of mobile app developers to make your dream into reality is at AKS.

    So what are you waiting for, hire us today and get the complete spectrum of application design, development & maintenance services from our experts

    Do not let your dream stay in your diary, laptop or mind, let it fly high

    Get an app, give your business the wings to fly high

    Turning dreams into reality now for more than 10 years only at AKS Interactive.

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