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Enjoy the brilliant opportunity to save around 40% of the development cost by hiring software developers from us. Now hire brilliant, dedicated resources from us to upgrade your software development capabilities to an all-new level. We are renowned globally for our team of agile developers, ready to serve you 24/7 throughout the year.

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Hire Dedicated iOS Developer

Take this opportunity to hire some of the best dedicated iOS developers from India’s most trusted company, AKS Interactive. We have well-trained iPhone mobile app programmers with decades of experience to create simple and complex enterprise-grade apps for multiple industrial verticals.

We have successfully delivered hundreds of projects, bang on time and with quality results. Our dedicated iOS Developer is well trained to work on any project associated with the latest trends. You can hire our services on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis. We are providing services to cover B2B and B2C categories.

With us, you get to save around 70% of your cost. Moreover, there are multiple flexible engagement models. We follow the strict NDA terms and can provide the same business hours of work. It is going to be an easy team to scale up to deliver projects 2 times faster. Our experienced programmers will maintain excellent communication to maintain transparency with you on your iOS mobile app.

Types of services we offer

Our iOS Developer will provide top-notch results with the mobile app development depending on the company's need. Listed below are some of the top-level ones we offer.

App upgrade and migration

Get the chance to hire our developers to impeccably migrate mobile apps to the iOS platforms. We will leverage extra services to complete the upgrade procedure of iPhone apps to avail the user interface's enhanced and updated experiences.

Machine learning or AI app development

Our iOS Developer can craft customised and innovative mobile apps, depending on AI. We will design smart iOS apps with Machine Learning algorithms for matching your flexible business needs.

Apple iPad App Development

Our team of well-trained professionals, coders, and iOS Developers have the skill to build Apple apps. So, trust our resources for designing the best mobile app, encompassing all the said features.

iOS Consultation

We understand the growing industrial needs and present the best consultation services to accomplish business requirements. So, contact our efficient developers to learn more about the iPhone services to improve the performance level of business-centric apps.

Customised app development

Hire our mobile programmers and developers to specifically create scalable and robust cross-platform mobile apps for Apple devices. Our engineers will render dynamic and feature-rich mobile app to match your business needs.

iPhone app testing

Hire services of our well-trained QA team, who is well competent to make the best use of the testing and automation tools, including the XCode. We will be applying only the best practices of iOS apps to design apps, helping improve the app's complete performance.

iPad or iPod music app development

Hire our iOS developers to craft interactive and immaculate iOS apps by adding the latest technologies. We will render some of the best solutions to our clients by designing innovative and tailor-made Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality apps.

iOS maintenance and support

Our dedicated iOS Developer will present you with the much-needed iPhone tech support services. It results in the effective work of the app. Our round the clock services will cater to all your service needs.

Our hiring procedures

Through us, you will enjoy flexible hiring models. It helps clients to hire our developer as and when they need it, based on the project requirements.


Hourly basis

Here, the billing takes place on the number of hiring hours. There will be time tracking using modern tools, along with monthly bill generation from our side.



Here, the billing takes place for 20 hours every week. You will receive help from a dedicated project manager. You will constantly stay in touch with the manager via phone, mail or Skype. A monthly bill will be generated at the end of every month.

user clock


We will add the billing for 40 hours a week, with help from our dedicated project manager. We offer transparent communication to our clients through phone, mail or Skype. In the end, you will receive customised payment modules, depending on the working hours.

Reasons to hire iOS developers from AKS Interactive

Our iOS Developers team is highly skilled in rendering the best app development results to their respective clients. We will excel in meeting your desired expectations. Some of the reasons to call us for help are

Our remote working and highly skilled iOS developers create business-related iPhone apps for all kinds of iOS-based operating systems. We will develop core applications through advanced algorithms.

You have every right to choose and create your iOS team by hiring developers and programmers from our side. We will be sharing resumes of our offshore developers, who are free and ready to create amazing apps for you.

Not just offering flexible hiring models, but we help you to hire our developers for matching your iOS app project needs well. Want to know why we are the best? Let’s find out

Saving a great deal of money

Hiring a new set of developers, training them to match with the latest trends and then retaining their services can be pretty expensive and an added headache. So, instead, hire our iOS app developers, who are already trained. Now, you get to procure unmatched cost savings, plus reliable services.

Transparent work procedure

Our company has a transparent working procedure. So, you can easily see and even monitor the changes taking place in your development stages anytime you want. We will further present you with comprehensive reports about the current status of your project so that you don’t have to stay in the dark!

Professional collaboration

We manage our projects using the Basecamp tool. So, now, you can keep a close watch on the performance and tasks of our team of iOS app Developers. Moreover, you can stay in constant touch with them to communicate all your changing requirements.

Help from full-stack developers

Whether you are trying to add a new design or a new function, we have well-trained iOS app developers for the same. You will get help with the upgrade or migration of your old website to give it a new shape. Our full-stack iOS app developers are always available, around the clock, for you to hire.

Our series of advantages will surely make AKS Interactive completely different from our competitors. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

Reliable reporting

Procure accurate reports on a daily basis to keep track of your entire project.

High-end availability

Our team is constantly available for your needs when the project is undergoing and even after it is completed.

Delivery right on time and fast

Complete your projects faster with our dedicated developers, abiding by project deadlines.

Help from dedicated project manager

Always get help from our dedicated project manager. He will bridge the gap between you and your hired development team.

Usage of project management tool

Now you can get access to a dedicated project management tool to help you keep track of the daily activities and tasks of your team.

Enhancing transparent and direct communication

Communicate with our iOS App Developer directly so that you can convey your requirements smoothly and first hand.

Want to know how you can hire our developers? We follow a simple step by step module for easier understanding.

Share your needs

At first, we need your requirements. Do you want the iOS app from the starting point or want to migrate your old version to this new field? If you have any other needs for us to follow, please mention that as well.

Analysing the project

When we are through with your needs, we will create a comprehensive project analysis to check. Our professional analyst will go through your needs, goals and challenges to create a comprehensive solution.

Selecting the team or a single developer

You have the entire freedom to go through our list of iOS app Developers and pick your team accordingly. We will shortlist the resources based on your requirements, but the final call is always yours.

Selecting the best hiring model

Apart from selecting the dedicated developer for your project, you can choose the best hiring model. You can hire our programmer on an hourly basis, full-time or on a part-time basis.

Starting off with your project

After you make the initial payment, we will start working on your project. You will get constant help from a dedicated project manager, who will be your communicative point. They will transfer your needs to the developers’ team and offer you periodic reports for checking.

Monitoring your performance

Use our project management tool to keep a note of the performance progression of your project. It helps you to know if everything is on track or not!

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A dedicated iOS developer functions to make the best navigational application for Apple gadgets. Their job includes coding and optimizing the apps for the Apple interface. They work closely with your needs by understanding them and recreating them as an app. They also aid in maintaining the application. They have the expertise to improve the current blueprint and create an app beyond imagination. They have the knowledge to test and grade the application before the launch. They work vividly in multiple domains for B2B and B2C, and there is no niche of application that they cannot develop. With an iOS developer, you have a guide to boost your business in unexpected ways.

Hiring a dedicated iOS developer for your application can bring you the following benefits:

  • Expertise: They have experience in making the most appealing applications user-friendly and seamlessly navigable.
  • Cost: They are affordable and cost-effective. They have value for your money, seek your budget and work accordingly.
  • Background: They are professionals and know the subject. They constantly work to include the latest technology in the market.
  • Versatile: They can develop apps for various niches for your B2B and B2C needs. Give them your vision, and they will fulfil it!
  • Support: Their tech aid does not stop after making the app. You can approach them for maintenance, concerns, and queries.
  • Efficiency: They are efficient and save you time and energy. They custom-make your iOS app smoothly and in high quality.

Choosing the best iOS developer for your application can be overwhelming. Hire dedicated iOS developer by checking into these factors, and you will have the best in hand:

1. Portfolio

Check the background and previous works of the developer. Give their ratings and reviews a read to understand where they stand.

2. Timeline

Look how long the developer needs to finish your project. The estimated time of delivery and availability is a measure to check before hiring.

3. Resources

Check if the developer you pick has the means to fulfil your dreams perfectly. Look into the technologies in use for making the app.

4. Cost

Check the price you have to pay and if it is worth it. Your investment must be cost-effective and efficient for development and maintenance.

5. Involvement

A developer must communicate, understand, and be available. Dedication is not enough. They must share progress and build a smooth bond.

The cost to hire a dedicated iOS developer can vary according to the needs and wants. A complex iOS application needs more time for development and needs detailed features. It costs more than a simple application. The type of business model you pick also defines the functionality. It influences the labour of the developer and the cost. If the application is for sensitive data, the need for security will be higher. The complexity of the defence mechanism raises the price. The use of development tools and the programming language also plays a vital role in determining the cost of the entire project.

Regardless of it, we offer the best at an affordable range. Our developers seek your budget and fit in the best for the finest iOS application.

Hiring the best iOS developer for your needs is not easy. It involves several steps that ensure the finest for the role gets in.

Step 1: Role understanding and JD

The hiring manager first picks on the role an iOS developer plays, their functions, and their contribution. They enlist the hard and soft skills the company looks for in a candidate in the job description.

Step 2: Skill estimation and interview

A team reviews, checks, and sorts applications based on the candidate's skills and work. The best competitors get to attend an interview with a panel. Here they are assessed to find the best.

Step 3: Making an offer

The top performers are selected, and the company sends an offer letter. It is based on the value an individual will add to the firm. It includes the deal that helps you retain the best with the firm.

A dedicated iOS developer carries multiple roles and functions as they work for a client. It includes the following:

  • They listen to the client to design and develop the best application for iOS systems in sync with the client's needs and wants.
  • They are responsible for carrying the essence of the best trends and technology in the market to elevate the user experience.
  • They maintain the quality of the application by writing codes for smooth navigation, automation, and other features.
  • They are in charge of identifying troubles and troubleshooting them. They debug the code and redefine structures for perfection.
  • They ensure and maintain the quality of the application and ensure its response, precision and accuracy while it performs.

Never pick an iOS developer in a rush. Do excellent research on their portfolio and customer reviews before finalizing a deal. Have more than two deals in hand and pick the one that benefits you from every angle.

Not expanding your horizons geographically for an iOS developer can be a mistake. At times looking beyond your space can help you hire the best. Look into the best talent pool and make use of them.

The team is an insight into how your final product will be. Not getting to know the unit can prove to be an error. Learning qualities and how they enhance your app is a must.

Do not mistake the cost for quality and a better application. A team that costs you more may not be the best. Look for a space that extends quality and wings to your vision and needs.

Thinking of IOS app development?

Think AKS!

A premium app development company in Delhi NCR, AKS Interactive is your one stop shop for hiring dedicated ios app developers.

With more than a decade of experience in website, mobile app development and graphic designing, our company offers the best possible solutions for making your business grow digitally!

IOS is an operating system which is loved by one and many across the globe.

Be it an i-phone, i-pad, i-watch, the market is flooded with options of these systems that make life easier and smoother.

To make your business grow and become more visible in the market, all you need is a dedicated IOS app developer who can take your business to greater heights.

Wondering how?

Drop in at our office and meet our dedicated team of professionals who carry the skills and expertise needed to make your business flourish digitally.

Our dedicated team of IOS developers are known for their:

  • 1. Creativity
  • 2. Vision
  • 3. Expertise
  • 4. On time delivery
  • 5. Bug free app development
  • 6. Transparency

While in India, the people using IOS maybe small, but if you want your business to capture the global markets, IOS systems are the answer to it.

As per the latest statistics, India now has 1 billion mobile users. From a luxury mobile phone has become a basic need of this century. It’s easier to shop on a mobile than to log in to a website on a laptop. A quick search, compare and select process and the product is in your hands.

After hiring our dedicated IOS developers, the primary objective of our team is to harness the power of the web and other digital solutions to increase customer engagement and transform your business processes.

We are proud to offer a wide range of skills and expertise in multiple industry verticals such as E-Commerce, transportation, Healthcare, Lifestyle & Beauty, Security, and Ed-tech Apps.

We bring competence and hands-on experience to the table.

Designing an app may sound simple, but to design an app that truly stands out, is bug free and is smooth functioning and offers an amazing experience to customers, the first step is to hire a dedicated IOS developer.

As mentioned earlier a lot of business and start-ups are choosing IOS app development for many reasons. Every business and start up owners looks for apps that carry unique features, high return on investment, increases customer satisfaction, and offers high levels of security to users. All this and more is catered to with iOS apps.

Finding and hiring a competent iOS developer is never a simple task. Most people who use iPhones spend a considerable amount of money paying for apps and premium features; therefore, the apps should be flawless.

Therefore if you want to give your business a step-up and reach the zenith of success, it is time to dream big and hire not just an IOS developer but work with a company that understands your dream and you!

Hire AKS!

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