5 Creative Logo Designing Ideas to Build an Impactful Business Identity for your Startup

Logo Design

Does you startup wishes to leave its unique impact in online market? Putting time and energy to the logo of your company is the best way to start! As the online competition seem to escalate with time, it becomes crucial to upgrade your Logo as per the quality standards of the industry. In this write-up we will discuss those quality standards along with some creative ideas to advance your logo design.

You might have already observed the famous logos of brands like Apple, Microsoft Windows, Coca cola, Chanel, etc. Each one of them is unique and sets an example of ideal logo design before us. The attention to detail, captivation of thoughts, and out-of-box ideas has established an unbeatable identity of each one of these. Certainly these brands did have their own share of competition in past but through the unique identity they have outperformed on all the metrics.

A brilliant Logo Design should be capable of defining your startup’s brand identity in best possible manner. Since a startup is most susceptible to reputation consequences, you must put a huge focus on designing a logo that tells your business tale. It should visually depict everything that your company is about, including things like services, ideas, and company name.

Take a look on five creative logo ideas that will assist you in building a successful brand identity right from the start –

Keep it minimalistic – A logo should always be as minimalistic as possible, the reason is that usually a brand has a lot of information to communicate to users but not everything can be assembled in the logo. Startups should keep in mind that a simple design can be upgraded later when you add up successful years. A minimalistic design is also helpful in communicating tangled brand related thoughts in a crisp and clear manner leading to excellent brand identity.

Creative coupling of design and text – Design and text are two major components of a logo design that must be effectively taken care of. There are limitless options when it comes to implementing design and text in logo. Using benders, pixels, parts, links, etc. can develop a variety of unique logo designs. And you can put logo text depending on the amount of brand detail that your logo desires to communicate. Startups should conceptualize the desired design and text with experts and should ask for different creative samples before settling for one.

Put the negative space to use – Negative space is the space around and between the subject(s) in the image. It plays a great role in logo designing and can create spectacular outcomes when wisely put to use. The negative space can be used to put subliminal messages or can also be a logo balancing factor sometimes. Startups that wish for unique logo design should put negative space to use. Create some striking contrast in design or optical illusion for a completely unique logo design.

Attention to detail – An effective logo is one that pays huge value to implementation of details. Since a logo is creative display icon for your company, you must make sure that the design, text, and message communicated by it is as precisely as possible. Startups need to pay close attention to designs and should finalize the one which is appealing as well as detailed in every respect. A logo design should be timeless, quirky, and highly innovative.

Power of colors combinations – Color combinations plays a huge role in development of any logo design. There could be one, two, three, or more colors depending on your preference. Also, colors come in a huge variety, including neutrals that appear subtle and bold ones that add a visual appeal to the logo. Various combinations can be created from two or more colors for your logo design. Startups should analyze their logo requirements beforehand, like whether they would want a subtle logo or a striking one to face customers. Depending on the requirement, the ideal color combination could be achieved for the logo.

These ideas will put your best creative self forward making your budding Startup a new business giant.

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