Everything You Need To Know About Website Hosting Services

website hosting services

Do you wish to build your own personal blog or e-commerce website? Or just wish to switch your existing hosting plan. Owning a website can’t help you in achieving your business goals if it isn’t on world wide web (WWW). In order to reach new customers you need a perfect hosting service for your website, in this blog we are going to guide you about a few important things you need to know. Making your website live could look like an easy job but a lot goes to it, there are various things that you need to consider before choosing a perfect hosting for your website.

Website hosting is actually a service that makes your individual or company website accessible over internet. This service is allotted by web hosting company that lends you a particular space and bandwidth for your website. There are various web hosting companies in market each offering their own unique set of plans, however you need to take a wise decision before making a start with website hosting services.

What kind of web hosting plans you could find?

Each hosting plan provide different set of services to the client, these are basic hosting plans that you could find –

  • Free Hosting – Such hosting services are beneficial for beginners who wish to create a website for fun or for exploration. There are various demerits of having a free hosting service, like connection speed is very low, lots of advertisements, very little space available etc.
  • Shared Hosting – This hosting service allows you to share space with other website owner/s. Shared hosting is comparatively cheaper than others, however such website could be really slow.
  • Dedicated Hosting – Such hosting services are great if you need more space and bandwidth for your website. These services are extremely beneficial for the bigger organizations which require a dedicated hosting platform. These could be extremely secure hosting platform but is on a bit expensive side.
  • Collocated Hosting – This hosting service lets you buy your own server which would be housed at your web host’s venue. You could work with your own scripts and applications with this hosting.
  • E-mail Hosting – This hosting service could be extremely useful if you just want to avail basic email facility for your organization. You could set up and manage your business e-mails in much efficient manner.

Along with these hosting services you should also put your focus on web maintenance services for an amazing well kept website.  

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