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E-Commerce, the Latest tool of Marketing and Promotion of startups

E- Commerce is basically what one sells and what one buys takes place online, even the payments. Yes! You heard that correct. Essentially, E-Commerce is making the life easy for buyers and sellers at the same time. Now, the question comes is it there to demolish the pre- occupied traditional physical markets?

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Magento VS OpenCart: Which E-commerce CMS is Perfect for your Business Website?


Developing an E-commerce website is one of the crucial investments for business in this technological era. A perfect website not just displays the information of a business but also strengthens a business’s capabilities in the online market. There are umpteen reasons and justifications as to why an impactful business requires a website. If you are deciding to take this giant leap towards realizing your online business and asserting which content management system (CMS) would be right then keep glued.

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