AKS Team Opened up the Bottle of New Goals with Refreshing 7th Anniversary Celebration!


We are proud to announce that AKS has added one more year to its glorious journey and on 24th September our company turned 7. Another great year has added many success milestones to our journey and has motivated us to put more passion in everyday work. We wanted to celebrate our achievement a bit differently and therefore we planned to spend a lovely team afternoon in the splashes of water at Oysters Beach Water Park, Gurgaon.

We begin our day by meeting and greeting each other at Oysters. This session enabled us to carry some great conversation which is the major essence of our team bonding. After this, we proceeded with some adventurous rides that challenged the savage instinct of our team. Needless to say, we splashed a lot of water all this while. We then reunited for a team lunch which was a yummy treat for our tummies! This delicious lunch pushed our drowsiness at bay and we stepped into the exciting water waves to soak in a bit more water. We then headed for the lively rain dance where we witnessed amazing moves and some genuine dance talent on the floor. Take a look on those beautiful moments captured by us –









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We put an end to this wonderful and enthusiastic day with a cake cutting ceremony and a team photo click.


Our team thoroughly enjoyed this hangout and we look forward to more celebratory moments as AKS steps into its 8th year.

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