Refreshing Summer Team Outing to Jim Corbett National Park Loaded with Fun Activities


Long summer days call for refreshing vacation!

To beat the summer boredom and to refill our team’s fun quotient, AKS organized a fun-filled adventurous tour to Jim Corbett on 19th and 20th June. The tour was a short two-day vacation to the most scenic wild habitat located under foothills of Shiwalik mountain range. We believe that frequent team outings and activities facilitate the bond formation in any organization, so we took this opportunity to create wonderful memories worth taking along.

Serene Resort Ambience – We chose Golden Tusk Resort as our habitat and were spellbound with the glimpse of jungle surroundings adjacent to our luxurious accommodations.




Our weekend corporate tour was backed with some amazing activities, team cooperation and leisure times. Some enjoyable activity sessions that we had –

Amusing Indoor Games – Our team members indulged in some amusing indoor games like billiards, carom board and table tennis, marking a cheerful beginning.



Unwinding Pool Volleyball Session – We beat the stress of long journey hours with an unwinding pool volleyball session, which fueled us for the upcoming activities.



Thrilling Jungle Safari – To explore the rich flora and fauna of Jim Corbett we got on this thrilling ride. Seeing the diverse variety of animals in their natural habitat was unbelievable.


Flying Fox Zip-line Ride – To fly like a bird and to spark bit more adventure our team members tried flying fox ride.


Rocking DJ Dance Night – The happening DJ dance night accompanied with stunning dance moves thoroughly refreshed everyone. We witnessed some amazing talents and performances that night.



Our team thoroughly enjoyed this relaxing session and the well awaited vacation de-stressed us to achieve new goals and performance benchmarks.

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