Common Social Media Mistakes That All Amateur Marketers Make and How to Avoid Them


Social Media provides the sacred place to market your brand and products without working really hard. It can be your tool or your road-blocker depending on the manner you do it. Marketing on the social media might tempt you and it is really easy to undermine the importance of strategic work on it. You can fall into the trap of unproductive SMO easily and it will be realized later when hardly anything can be done. If you are an amateur marketer or someone handling their startup then you need to refine your SMO strategies by reducing the number of mistakes. Today, I will introduce you to some common SMO mistakes that you hardly recognize and how you can avoid them.

According to Ironpaper, 93% of shopper’s buying decisions are influenced by the social media. This means that social media holds quite a lot of importance in your marketing strategy and making mistakes here can cause you substantial losses. It is considered best to consult professional social media optimization services to curb this possibility. Here are some common social media mistakes that you should never make –

Mistake 1: To Be On Every Social Media Platform

This is a common mistake that most brands tend to make with SMO. They jump start with all the social media platforms at a time and hardly make an impact on even a single one. Coming up with original content and ideas for a number of social media platforms at a time can become a daunting task, this then results into a poor social media foundation.

Solution: Don’t focus on multiple social media platforms at a time. If you are just starting up with SMO, choose the networks that will provide you maximum audience to interact with. Each business domain can benefit from individual social media platforms, for Eg. Facebook and Instagram work best for Ecommerce brands. Focusing on quality versus quantity as this will push your SMO efforts amazingly.

Mistake 2: Not Developing a Consistent Social Posting Plan

Developing a consistent social posting plan is a common goal that most marketers make but only a few keep up with it. In the due run, monotony takes over and even the best SMO plan falls at the mercy of poor schedule. Most startups either don’t make an effort to develop a consistent schedule or they lack the will to sustain it. Without consistent posting, you will lose your audience as their interest will soon drop.

Solution: The best solution for this problem is to draft a weekly or monthly social posting plan. Your monthly social posting plan will consist of all the activities that you will channel through your social profiles. However, weekly social posting plan will be more detailed and will tell activities to do on the daily basis. The point here is to stay in touch with your audience, the more frequently you post the better engagement you will create.

Mistake 3: Ignoring Audience Needs

The success of a social media plan lies entirely on your audience and ignoring their needs can be a dangerous mistake. The major mistake that amateur marketers make is to create and follow a plan that the audience no longer adores. Social media platforms are adapting quicker than ever before and so does the audience, ignoring their needs will only impact your business.

Solution: It isn’t complex to know what your audience needs, a bit of research and asking out is all that you need to do. Also, you can ask them to submit their feedbacks; it will help you evolve your content and strategies. Every social media platform has certain tools that you can use to know what your audience needs, conduct Live interaction sessions on Facebook or Instagram. On Twitter, you can do the same by tweeting and asking for feedbacks.

Mistake 4: Creating Irrelevant Content 

Content is crucial for your social media strategy and you need abundant creative inputs for it. Sometimes, marketers diverge from their aim and create irrelevant content that fails to add any worth to the SMO plan. As a result, the interactions with social media profiles decrease and so does the leads that are brought from it. Irrelevant content causes, even more, harm than good and halts realizing the marketing goals as a result.

Solution: Not every kind of content that brings chuckles and likes is necessary to be put on your social media profiles. If the content that you put has no relevance to your brand then it’s a complete waste. It is necessary to link the content with the brand identity of the business. This will require a few creative inputs but it will definitely do the deal for you.

Mistake 5: Not Developing a Broader Marketing Strategy

Just like any other marketing strategy, social media also requires you to plan ahead of time. Most budding businesses fall into the trap; they develop consistent posting schedules and connect with the audience in various ways but hardly make it to their set benchmark. This happens due to the lack of a broader marketing vision.

Solution: It is necessary to develop a marketing strategy that aligns with the broader vision of the business. Just by creating a social media profile, you just can’t create the buzz all around. You need to set achievable goals and then integrate tools to bring to achieve those goals. Analyze what proficient social media players are doing and then recreate similar scenarios with an interactive blog or postings.

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