Five Recent Social Media Trends You Can Build Your Marketing Strategy On


Social Media is one of the most powerful and influential marketing tools to create brand awareness. It’s hard to deny its significance, especially as the internet users across the world are exponentially raising. Going straight to the statistics, the growth in the active number of social media users is up by 21% since January 2016 with the exact 482 million new additions. With every passing year, social media has been gaining a better market penetration and there is every reason why you must be doing it now!

Social media marketing services can bring the right exposure to your brand. Depending on the country you live in, you can deploy particular social media platforms to turn up profits. This year has seen some amazing trends in every social media platform, you may know a few or maybe you just missed them out. Here I am introducing you five recent social media trends along with how you can use those effectively for marketing:

Trend #1: YouTube Videos losing to Facebook Native Videos

YouTube videos have lost its charm to Facebook’s native videos. The viewer base on Facebook is immense and almost half of the world’s online population primarily uses this social media site. Facebook videos get more shares and interactions when we compare it to YouTube and it is easily a potential trend.

Strategy to Use: Facebook is a lucrative platform that you must use to put out your creative videos. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to neglect YouTube completely. Simply put up videos on both the social platforms and ideally at the same time. This will maintain your YouTube fan base while keeping your Facebook audience in check.

Trend #2: Twitter to Offer Paid Version of Tweetdeck

Twitter is planning to launch the paid version of Tweetdeck. This premium version is focused on providing a vast range of amazing features to marketers, brands and other interested users. Tweetdeck’s paid version is in its surveying phase but its current free version is equally great.

Strategy to Use: Tweetdeck is a real-time tweet tracker for your profile. It helps you reach the particular audience, organize and engage in different manners. If your company has a twitter account, using Tweetdeck is an excellent way to stay organized and informed round the clock. Implement this feature to manage twitter like a pro.

Trend #3: Visual Search Comes to Pinterest Browser Extension

Pinterest has come up with a new visual search feature through which users can search on the go without needing to type text. This feature allows users to search in real time when they are out and about. The viewers simply need to click a photograph and Pinterest will handle the rest.

Strategy to Use: The new visual search feature by Pinterest enables your users to search for the exact product they want. You can use this amazing feature in your marketing interest by optimizing the descriptions that you put with each uploaded image. You can also create relevant pin board to allow your product to show up in the visual search.

Trend #4: Pinterest’s Expanded Search Ads

Pinterest has recently brought up a new feature known as Expanded Search Ads that users can explore. Pinterest is joining the paid advertisement game with other social media platforms. These ads will function like an auction and the advertiser will have to pay for each impression received.

Strategy to Use: This feature is excellent if your marketing strategy is centered on the Pinterest portal. Marketers can make tremendous use of this feature by bringing it up front. The advantage of using Pinterest’s paid ad service is that more than ninety percent of Pinterest users don’t type specific brands while searching; this gives you an edge to make a market presence with little effort.

Trend #5: Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live video feature isn’t as new yet it’s a trend that influential pages are making use of. Live videos let you capture the real-time occurrence without the need to post it. These videos get automatically broadcasted till the time you want. It also let your viewers communicate with you through comments.

Strategy to Use: Facebook Live videos provide you an excellent way to connect and communicate with your audience. More often you go live better social engagement will you make, but just remember to be creative every time you go live. You will also need a trusted internet connection for a hassle-free experience.

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