How to Design a User-Friendly Ecommerce Mobile App

There is an immense buzz around building user-friendly mobile apps because you have to provide the consumers with what they demand. But, what is user-friendly or what does user-centric include in the real sense? As someone who has just gone behind the wheels of entrepreneurship, it can get overwhelming to understand how to make everything around the users.

If you are also someone who can relate to this situation but not with the user-friendly e-commerce mobile app, this post can throw light on the needed information. And, if you want to have a wowing and productive app for your business, consider hiring an ecommerce application development expert. Meanwhile, let’s look at how to design a user-friendly e-commerce mobile app.

Neat yet conveying

The very first lesson in this class is that you should aim for a neat yet informative welcome page, which is also called the splash or launch screen. It is highly imperative to present the users with something orderly and engaging as soon as they open your app. When people open your app, it becomes the greatest opportunity for you to leave a lasting impression and persuade them to proceed. Avoid overstuffing this section as people may get annoyed and exit your app. So, strive for a balance of tidiness and information.

Maintain a visual hierarchy

We all prefer having everything at our work desk in a certain manner as it appears systematic and visually appealing. For example, you will not keep toiletries on your work desk or not pile up files above your head level. You will have to apply the same mindset in designing a mobile app for your business as well. Pay attention to the font size, which should neither be too small to strain the eyes nor too big to irritate the viewers. Go for contrasting shades of background and text. The design should be relatable to the users.

Add subheads and sub-categories

Next, user-friendliness will also cover aspects like adding subheads and subcategories wherever possible. A mobile app visitor will not want to go through every page on your app without any clue just to find one specific option. Split the information based on a common head. For example, keep separate sections for About Us, Menu, Products, Contact Us, etc. You can have subheads like About the Company and About the Team under the About Us section. Then, the broader Product section can have subparts like Men, Women, Health, Clothes, etc.

Give a place to search

Another way to make everything easily findable for your mobile app users is to give them an option for “Search”. Such a feature will make the user experience (UX) utterly smooth and clutter-free. They will be able to use this option anytime while browsing your app to land at a page or subhead of their preference. You will have to take the help of a specialist here as adding a search bar and ensuring correct search results needs technical know-how. Consider outsourcing this task of ecommerce application development for better precision.

Faster loading time

Every effort in design and other elements will go waste if your mobile app takes a lot of time to load. Studies have shown repeatedly that users are becoming very particular about the loading time, and if a website or app takes more than three seconds to load, they will exit and switch to a newer website or app. Also, if your app is too slow to respond to any command by the user even during browsing, it is not considered user-friendly. So, test your app, put in lesser elements, and ensure a faster loading time everywhere in the app.

Pro tip:

You must think as a user of the app while designing it. Analyze what challenges people suffer while using other apps or what will they expect from yours. You can conduct research and ask the target audience about what they prefer in an app. Launch a beta version to test the app’s efficacy and accommodate needed changes. Never forget to insert security features as users do not want to use an unsafe app. From browsing to payments, make everything reliable and private with the help of an ecommerce application development professional.

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