Local SEO: How Newer Proximity Additions Are Shaping It and The Way Marketers can Use It In Their Favor


Search Engine promotes local business searches where local customers and local businesses can connect. This provides a unique search engine feature to small and medium scale businesses where they can promote their products or services. Being able to get found in local search results can exalt your profits.

You will be excited to know that 85% of shoppers search for local businesses online and 61% of searchers even make the purchase within two hours. So, now you know how important local searches are for your business. Most search engine optimization packages that you choose specifically focus on local searches.

The traditional marketing mix is entirely based on Ps (product, price, place, promotion, people, processes, physical evidence). But since we have stepped into digital marketing scenario, we must also add proximity to this list. Proximity is defining Local SEO in brilliant ways like never before. Google pushes those local search results on top that are proximal to the current location of the user. The dynamics of local SEO are redefined and a plenty of things that should be a part of your list if you are a progressive marketer.

Put Your Business on the Google Maps 

Proximity feature can only work in your benefit when your business is can be found on the Google Maps. The times have changed; customers now use Google Map’s recommendation for finding a store, a restaurant, or a pub. Also, Google’s ranking factor plays a great importance to the current location of the finder and compares it with the distance of your business. The closer physical address of your store will be, the higher it will show up in the finder’s search. It is, therefore, a must to put your business on the Google Maps and you must also make sure that the address and other details you put up are genuine.

Pay Special Attention to Google My Business Attributes

Standing out on Google has its own advantages, your business is easily found and you can attract as much as customers as you want. Google My Business is the ideal platform to do it as it is Google’s own listing platform. You can submit all the details about your business here and Google will consider them while creating the search results. When you put the appropriate NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) in your Google My Business profile, Google considers it in local citation and displays it to the finder based on the ranking. Whenever someone will search for the services your business provides, they will find your business based on the Google My Business Attributes.

Adapt Local SEO Implementation based on Proximity

I don’t need to stress enough on the importance of SEO for your business since you already know. But are you really putting effort on practicing proximity with Local SEO implementation? Proximity is a key feature that affects your Local SEO implementation. Even the insignificant looking factors like exact address or location can affect the likeability of your brand being found in Google Search Results. The first thing you can do is to optimize the targeted keywords for the exact place or location. Stick to keywords that tell your location and stop generalizing them for a location. Also, optimizing your search for ‘Near Me’ option can bring you more sales leads than usual.

Don’t Forget the Digital Assistants

Digital assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Now are redefining the way searches are carried. More and more people are finding digital assistants helpful even more than the basic search engine and the reason for this is even more accurate search. The manner in which question is asked from the digital assistant is much different than that we make the search engine. Precised keywords are rarely entered when you make a voice search. Searches are more elaborate and on-point with digital assistants. Digital assistants are robots and they are making the best search judgment depending on the existing data and Google maps to bring the exact result. Present marketers can take it as an opportunity to make their business more findable on local searches.

To attract more customers to your business and to invoke your sales, make it a point that the affordable SEO Packages you shortlist pays equal weight on proximity factor. Neglecting it can push down local search visibility for you and you don’t want that, right!

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