Magento VS OpenCart: Which E-commerce CMS is Perfect for your Business Website?


Developing an E-commerce website is one of the crucial investments for business in this technological era. A perfect website not just displays the information of a business but also strengthens a business’s capabilities in the online market. There are umpteen reasons and justifications as to why an impactful business requires a website. If you are deciding to take this giant leap towards realizing your online business and asserting which content management system (CMS) would be right then keep glued.

E-commerce websites are thoroughly unique in their customer and inventory handling process, therefore, choosing a perfect CMS often becomes a crucial step. Magento and OpenCart are two popular E-commerce CMSes which are often suggested by companies offering Ecommerce Website Development Services. However, both of these are unique in implementation and asserting the right one as per business requirements and capabilities is important. Let us dig into finest details of these CMSes to find out the best platform for you.

Magento CMS – it’s no secret that Magento rules the show when it comes to E-commerce CMSes and this CMS has better market share than any other E-commerce CMS available. There are plenty of high-end E-commerce businesses that have relied on this CMS for their website, so let’s get familiar with some crucial pros and cons of this CMS –

Pros of Magento:

  • It is flexible enough for development
  • Plenty of resources available to support development
  • Easily customizable platform
  • Inbuilt multi-store support
  • Integrated payment gateways
  • Commendable Inbuilt SEO support
  • Easy connectivity with WordPress Blogs
  • Preferable for large-scale enterprises
  • Range of CMS options for different businesses

Cons of Magento:

  • Needs dedicated hosting
  • Can be a confusing platform for amateurs
  • Certain Magento platforms can be costly
  • Requires greater infrastructure

OpenCart CMS – Open cart is giving a tough competition to Magento CMS on various aspects and has a fairly reasonable market share when compared. Plenty of small and medium scaled enterprises rely on this CMS. So let’s get familiar with some crucial pros and cons of this CMS –

Pros of OpenCart:

  • It’s lightweight
  • Can be kept on shared hosting
  • Faster than many other CMSes
  • Large number of free themes and modules
  • Is cheaper than most CMSes
  • Consumes lesser server resources
  • Great number of payment methods supported
  • Great for smaller organizations and startups

Cons of OpenCart:

  • Completely incompatible for large organizations
  • Doesn’t support a wide array of features
  • Can bring up security concerns in future
  • SEO unfriendly
  • Constricting factor for an expanding business
  • Work bad with multi-users and multi-stores

OpenCart CMS is definitely easy to use and inexpensive when compared to Magento but restrictive capabilities make it a definite underdog on some of the fronts. If your organization is progressive and wants to expand its business in future then investing in Magento would be ideal.

You can also opt for custom web application development services if you want to create a specifically tailored platform for business. Custom websites adapt to the requirements and goals of a particular business, helping them achieve brilliant exposure in future.

So the decision is completely yours, you can also consult a professional organization, as this help you decide the right technology by asserting specific business requirements and goals.

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