What are the Best Ways to Find Dedicated App Developers for Your Startup?

What are the Best Ways to Find Dedicated App Developers for Your Startup

People have started to ditch desktops and laptops for basic things like gaming, booking tickets, shopping and networking and social media. They prefer apps on mobiles (both Android and iOS) for such asks because it is convenient, reliable and secured too. This trend has put a huge demand for having a mobile app for your brand and business. Even if you have a website, the need of the hour is a mobile app for your brand. A lightweight mobile app with greater user experience and completely secured will help you grow your business exponentially. Startups, in particular, need to invest in a world-class mobile app to survive, retain existing customers and generate better leads for future.

While there are many new companies mushrooming every single day and claim to offer excellent service in app development, you need to pay utmost attention when you take a decision on whom to rely upon to get your app developed. Generally, companies which undertake Android App Development also do iOS App Development.

Here we list a few ways to find the dedicated App Developers for your Startup:

Here we list a few ways to find the dedicated App Developers for your Startup

Consider both onshore and offshore App Development companies:

In today’s world of super speed Internet, it doesn’t make any huge difference between meeting anyone in person or on Skype. So you can consider both onsite and offshore mobile app developers across the world for developing your mobile app. Offshore Android App development centers like those in Delhi, India offer excellent apps at very competitive prices. Look for a company that is established so that you can rely on them better than the mushrooming players.

Review their previous work meticulously

 Review their previous work meticulously

Ask your App developer for samples of works that they had developed earlier. Any reputed and genuine Android/iOS App Development company would be boasting about their past works and would be happy to share and demonstrate them to you. Check for apps with attention to design, responsiveness, user experience and flexibility to adapt future enhancements. Do not hesitate to ask them for any queries at code level too.

Read reviews about the company and their products

Read reviews about the company and their products

Examine all the reviews of their earlier apps and the company itself. Recognize the genuine and fake reviews and then take a call. It is better to trust someone who has been in the field for quite some time now as they might have a better experience in developing numerous applications for mobile.

Get a quote and meet them face to face/Skype

Get a quote and meet them face to face

Once you have zeroed down on one particular App Developer and met them face to face if possible or in case if you have outsourced your app development to an offshore company, Skype. Set your business plan and a clear, transparent discussion on your needs and requirement. Ask them for their life cycle model, their team size, do they have a dedicated test team, do they have advanced tools to test your app and so on. Decide only after you are fully convinced.

Get the best quality at reasonable rate:

Get the best quality at reasonable rate

An expensive budget does not guarantee the best app and so ensure you are not falling prey for fancy quotations. It would be wise to get quotes from two or three app developers to know the industry rates and negotiate accordingly. Also be flexible with your budget to accommodate any unplanned developments or enhancements.

Every company has its own requirements. So, stick to it and Google yourself for an established Android App Development company than by just going with the referrals.

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