Six Conversion Rate Optimization Blunders and Solutions That Every Marketer Must Know

CRO 2017-06-20

Do you believe that your website is perfect? You may have an online business, a startup, or even a blog selling special services or products. But, have you been clueless as to why things aren’t just working the way you want them. You aren’t attracting enough customers to do business with despite the increased conversion rates. What is possibly wrong? When you are the marketer for your business, it is crucial enough to understand the relevance of adapting to the right conversion rate methods.

Did you know? 57% of B2B marketers say conversion rate is the most useful metric for analyzing landing page performance. It doesn’t just add value to your business but it also streamlines your marketing actions for better business throughput. Conversion rate optimization experts adhere to some specific rules and they avoid making certain blunders when it comes to their website. Here are six CRO blunders that you must avoid along with the concrete ways on how to:

Mistake #1: Your brand doesn’t have a USP

Most businesses fail to put a thought before they launch their website in the industry. Customers just don’t bother when a website lacks to display the unique selling point (USP). They are consistently contemplating about your business as to what unique are you bringing on their plate. Your business is up against thousands of similar ones hence having a niche is quintessential.

Solution: Carve a niche for your business and the earlier you start the better. Have some spare time to conceptualize about your brand, its products, and services. Carry some market research and understand what people are buying and what they are looking for. This task won’t take that long, just focus on what you have and evolve products and services eventually as per your USP.

Mistake #2: Your website is slow and appears newbie

You may have launched your startup for the first time but it shouldn’t look that way to your customers. An unprofessional looking website with slow loading speed always tends to drive off prospective customers. You will be surprised to know that a 1-second delay in page load time can lead to 7% loss in the conversions.

Solution: Know the speed of your website. Various website speed testing tools are available online (such as Pingdom) to let you know the exact speed of your website. The ideal page-load speed for a website is in the range 1.5 and 5 seconds. Anything above 5 is not considered good and one must reconsider hosting plans if they are extracting such a speed.

Mistake #3: Unattractive website design

What kind of impression is your website making on the customers? Conversion rates are nothing but the reflection of the actual state of your website. Customers always prefer purchasing from the websites that have an excellently sorted design, perfect images, responsive capabilities, proper site navigation and other such features.

Solution: Having a beautiful, impactful, and sorted website should be your top priority. 75% of the users find a website credible based on its design. You can ask a website designer to help you with this issue by pointing out the design mistakes that your website is dealing with. Also, they will ensure that your website is designed in the most dynamic way possible.

Mistake #4: Boring or unproductive landing pages

Landing pages are one of the most ignored features of an online campaign. If you were assuming to fetch brilliant leads through a paid or organic campaign without paying value to the landing page then think again. Most marketers fail to understand the value of landing pages and hence miss out on a chunk of convertible leads.

Solution: Optimize, optimize and optimize! That’s your solution for the landing pages. Focus on creating landing pages that are specific, intriguing, and, gluing enough to make your customers stay. An amazing landing page serves plenty of other benefits than just conversion by helping you track your customer activity and boosting SEO ranking.

Mistake #5: No emphasis on A/B testing

You may have several interesting website designs and layout ideas in mind but it can be hard to make the right choice which is productive for conversions as well. Testing your options is more exact than relying on borrowed A/B test hypothesis.

Solution: A/B testing is necessary for your conversions. It generally begins with comparing two different web page designs and knowing which one is driving more conversions through the exact data. There are a number of online tools such as KISSmetrics and Convert Experiment to help you assert the conversion rates you are extracting.

Mistake #6: Mobile unfriendly website

Is your website mobile friendly? If your answer is no then you are definitely missing plenty of business. More than 70% mobile users carry mobile searches to purchase an online product and failing to a mobile-friendly design may lead you to lesser conversions. Having a cross-platform functional website should be the top priority for proactive businesses.

Solution: Go responsive, if you haven’t already. A responsive website adapts as per the dimensions of the user device providing a seamless experience and high-ranking benefits as well. This will provide your users an effortless experience while they shop and will project you as a professional in your business domain.

Get expert conversion rate optimization services to have an insight of these functionalities and to implement them right!

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