10 Easy yet Sure Ways to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Website

conversation rate optmization

Are you perfectly happy with your website? Is it bringing you the right amount of sales you wished for? You might be attracting the right dose of traffic to your website but a major proportion of it doesn’t convert then it needs some serious actions. No matter how wonderful a business website may be, you need sales to run your funds. Investing in conversion rate enhancing strategies is vital when you are pulling the right amount of traffic but not enough sales.

Did you know? You just have five seconds to engage a customer before they leave your website. A poorly performing website can make you lose new visitors and the potential of converting them into customers. A number of conversion rate optimization experts convince on the fact that it’s easy to enhance conversion rates of a website by taking simple steps. You don’t need to put a lot of efforts as these simple steps can work just fine, so make a note -

Simplify the interface – A simple user interface with fewer navigations but the appealing content is bound to bring better conversions. Also, make sure that the login procedure is easy and allowing guest checkout will also make a huge difference to your website conversion.

Increase the website loading speed – Did you know? There is a recorded 8% decrease in engagement when a waiting time of 500ms is caused while loading a website. Maintaining faster loading speed will make the visitors stay on your website.

Establish the faith – Your business already has interesting services or products to offer but if it still fails to convert sales then you need to work on establishing the faith. Clearly mention return and exchange policy that is risk-free and works in the best interest of the customers.

Make the call to action button prominent – Most websites have a wonderful user interface but the lack of call to action button causes them to miss sales leads. Shift the focus of your visitors to the direction you want. This can only be done by placing the call to action buttons at prominent places that grab the attention.

Keep testimonials upfront – New users often doubt the credibility of a website before making a purchase. Testimonials serve as a proof of quality services and reduce the risk for the new customers. It also establishes the genuineness and should be put up front on your website.

Use attractive pictures – We humans are visual creatures and we need interesting images to be intrigued. Using high-quality, interesting images is truly essential for your website. Professional images will keep your visitors hooked for long thus increasing the conversion rate for your business.

Connect social media channels – Your visitors use various social media channels to connect. Using this to improve the conversion rate is something you should try. With the potential of your social exposure, your visitors will be able to establish faith in your business that will further motivate them to make purchases.

Give a clear vision to your visitors about your business – Setting a clear vision about your business can affect your conversion rate dramatically. You are likely to extract frequent sales when your website authoritatively conveys the thoughts and tells them the features and benefits of your business.

Create optimized landing pages – Optimized landing pages means that you need to remove all the distractions that prevent your user from making a purchase. This works wonderfully for PPC campaigns where conversion is highly desired as you are investing a lot of money in it.

Enhance the credibility with the use of videos – Trusting a new website can be challenging for your audience. By adding videos to your website, you will be adding a human touch to it. You can create a simple video that tells about your business, a video introduction appeals viewer more and appears like you have done quite an effort for it.

Apart from all these steps, there are plenty of others that can enhance your website’s conversion. You can also avail professional Conversion Rate Optimization Services to amplify your business profits.

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