8 Effective Strategies Proven to Boost Conversion Rate Optimization of the PPC Campaigns


Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns are known to bring the great set of business advantages to any company and that’s the reason why this digital marketing strategy is so popular. Believe it or not! The manner in which a company deploys its SEO campaign, PPC campaign or both becomes the deciding factor for the conversion rate yielded. There are various techniques that could jet fire your marketing campaigns for better brand value, sales, revenue and all round profit only if you know how to deploy them. In this blog, we would be discussing eight major pointers that would help your paid campaigns perform even better.

Produce Clickable PPC Advertisements – The foremost important step to boost your PPC campaigns is to put clickable PPC advertisements with focused keywords that are likely to convert. You could do it by conducting a small research online, as to what keywords and campaign details you should put for more conversion. If you are unsure as to what keywords would be right you could consider taking help from an expert pay per click management services.

Maintain Relevant Ads and Landing Pages – Does your landing page delivers what your advertisement say? It is highly important to maintain relevant landing pages for the promises you make in your PPC campaign. Whenever a user can’t find exact product/service for the keyword that he clicked the possibility of him/her leaving the landing page increases hence impacting the conversions in a negative manner.

Structured Website – A well structured and creative website is a must when it comes to improving the conversion rates. Impressive website design, compelling content, attention to details, fewer complexities etc. are crucial criteria to maintain a website. When a user finds a website complex and ill maintained the possibility of him/her buying downturns hence hampering your growth.

Minimizing Distractions – Website distractions could pose a great threat to your business because they let your prospective customers escape before making a purchase. You could do this by focusing on the call to action button, removing social media links from checkout page and by sending mail notification to the user regarding the products they left in the cart.

Reducing Customer Risks – Whenever a customer faces risks related to checkouts, payment making or transaction fail, he/she might wish to step away from that portal. Ensure that your E-commerce website does not lack these features because the smooth shopping experience is everything that is needed to grab better conversions.

Building Customer Trust – Building trust is the quintessential step in maintaining and running a business online. You should eliminate all kinds of customer insecurities, product insecurities, and payment insecurities in order to build the trust factor. It would help you with better conversions in the least amount of time.

Addressing Customer Objections – An outstanding customer complaint handling strategy and online reputation is highly important in building customer trust. If you positively resolve customer complaints and constantly maintain a clean brand image then you could surely convert more customers than your competitive businesses.

Track Your Conversion Rate Progress – In order to progress as an E-commerce business you must track all your conversions and make constructive changes accordingly. This could be done by optimizing and creating more convincing offers which could bring prominent conversion opportunities to your organization.

In case you find this information intimidating and beyond your technical expertise then you could surely take needed help from conversion rate optimization services. Experts who deal with CRO scenarios on a regular basis know the technicalities needed to bring better conversions for every website.


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Saurabh Mishra is a Digital Marketing Professional at Aks Interactive Solutions Private Limited, a leading Digital Marketing Company offering complete development solutions for websites and mobiles. Saurabh has multiple years of experience in strategizing Online marketing Trends and loves learning new technologies.

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