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How can I Remove Negative Reviews/Listings from Google Search Results?

Are negative reviews reducing the customer pool for your business? Or are you facing overall regression in quality ranking? No matter what’s the issue, you can counteract this situation with right strategy.

In this article we are going to provide you tips that can be used to improve online reputation of your brand.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Negative Reviews and listing are managed through online reputation management. Online reputation of a company, a brand or a product can be seen from Google search results. To search for a company/product we simply need to type the company/product name in Google search bar and we’ll be presented the reviews/listings of the product and company. E-commerce business needs a good online reputation in order to attract new customers as well as to keep good relations with existing customers. Brand reputation is very essential for an internet based business, and in order to maintain such reputation the company needs to reduce its negative reviews/listings on Google. User interaction on social platforms is increasing; therefore transparency is needed in company-customer interactions. Negative reviews are serious threat for any product or service creating company, if ignored it can dissolve the long held reputation of the company.

Risks of bad online reputation?

If you think that you can completely ignore bad reviews about your product without considering your customers then you have to think again. Bad online reputation of your product is fatal for your brand. Some risks that arise due to bad online reputation are-

  1. Negative reviews– Negative reviews on consumer protection sites and other review websites can be really harmful for the brand image of your website.
  2. Hate pages on social media- Some customers can go beyond just negative feedbacks and they can create hate pages for your product, this can be really bad for brand image of the product.
  3. Threat to sales - Negative reviews/listings can be really bad for sales of the product. This is real problem for any company/organization.
  4. Negative Media Image – Negative reviews can lead to a false media image, which can be responsible for even bad public image of the product.

How to have a good online reputation?

                In order to have a good reputation on Google we can follow the following steps-

  1. Maintain transparency – This is the first most important step towards a good online reputation. This can be done by allowing customers to talk about the product publicly, addressing the negative views with the positive suggestive attitude and asking for feedbacks from customers. Maintaining transparency can be beneficial in long run.
  2. React promptly but politely – Negative feedbacks should be replied promptly in a polite way. Always reply for a negative comment with such a statement – “we are working on the problem you encountered, we’ll get back to you soon”. It is better to reply as early as possible so that the customer doesn’t miscomprehend your late answer as careless behavior.
  3. Maintain first search page on Google – You should positively maintain your first search page on Google, since it builds the reputation of the product and company. Negative words like ‘fraud’ and ‘scam’ can drastically impact your product’s reputation.
  4. Post client testimonials on webpage – This helps to push down the negative reviews from your website and will help you create positive image.
  5. Create public profiles – Creating profiles on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot etc. and connecting them with each other can help with customer interactions and can help with overall reputation of brand.
  6. Take help from professionals – If you still find that all these steps are difficult for you to maintain then you can take help from professionals that specializes in online reputation management (ORM).

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