Hurray! Google Finally Launches the Latest Version of it’s Android Editor the “Android Studio 1.3”

Following the enormous Hustles and Bustles often undergone by Android Mobile developers from all around the world, Google Today has formally/officially announced the introduction and release of its Android Studio Editor. The superb innovation, which was named “Android Studio 1.3”, is a very distinguished update to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which was first introduced to the market in December 2014.

This is indeed a very happy moment for application developers who have relative knowledge in working with the Android Development Field, and those who have specialization in Android Application technology specifically.

The Android Studio 1.3 which is the newly updated version is said to have gotten so many functionalities and advanced features would have been circulated throughout the world of developers in as short as 2 weeks (even as it is now fully ready and available for download) so that terrific developer can commence on its usage immediately. Some of its features include a new way to check memory snapshots for application code and also has a new visualization tool that will help developers to maintain a very enlarged-picture view of memory allotment, as illustrated by Android Product Manager Jamal Eason.

Developers would also find early access preview for a C++ editor and debugger Feature, and also a code annotation support for dealing with application permissions in android manager. It also has the capabilities to automatically check for updates on Android Software Development Kits (SDK).

We have put a really true and honest immense effort towards the development and launch of this amazing “Android Studio 1.3” editor, and is also proud to say that this is certainly what developers have been yelling and awaiting all these while. Feel free to get yours now if you have not gotten it, The Manager said through a reporting News Network.

Feel Free to download the “Android Studio 1.3” by checking this site.

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