What you need to know before starting to build a Shopify store

Shopify store development

Shopify store development alludes to creation, modification and launching an online store by utilizing the Shopify e – commerce platform. Variety of tasks and steps are involved in building a functional and visually appealing online storefront where commerce and interactions with client can be done.

A development store on Shopify is especially useful for testing new features, themes, or apps before making them live as it enables you to create and customize your online store without hampering your live /production store.

Shopify development agency

A Shopify development agency plays an indispensable role in Shopify store development as they bring technical assistance and experience of various aspects which ensures the proficient functionality, design and performance of the online store.

A Shopify development agency assures that the objectives of the client are achieved and the design and customization of the online store is meeting the expectation of the client and is user amiable. Having an optimum Shopify development store can help build a sturdy online presence and optimizes the e commerce operations.

What you need to know before starting to build a Shopify store

There are two parties involved in building an online store using Shopify platform; one is client company and other is the Shopify development agency.

The objective of the client company is to build a strong online presence globally round the clock along with allowing the customer to customize design and layout of the store in accordance with the brand identity. Client may also seek descriptive product showcase, secure payment gateways, and customer insights.

The development agency focuses on providing the client company more than functional online presence; they encompass various objectives that contribute to the success of the project and the satisfaction of both the agency and the client.

They provide you high quality design with effective and secure e -commerce features with optimized performance and appropriate integrations.

Here is a comprehensive list that elaborates the process in which both parties deliberate in order to attain the objectives of building the online store:

Step1. CONSULTATION AND UNDERSTANDING: Agencies through consultation with the client company understand their business model and scope of the project and specific requirements for the Shopify store.

Step2. STRATEGIC PLANNING: On the basis of consultation the agency drafts a plan that outlines the milestones, timelines and responsibility for each phase of development. Technology stack, tools and resources required for the project are also involved in strategic planning.

Step3.DESIGN AND USER EXPERIENCE: In accordance with the client brand identity a visually appealing and user -friendly design is derived and that also offers an intuitive navigation experience which provides a consistent experience across various systems and different screen sizes.

Step4. Customization and functionality: The chosen theme is customized in order to meet the client’s functionality and design requirements. Essential features such as product catalogue, search functionality, cart checkout process and user accounts are implemented.

functionality and address specific business needs Shopify apps are evaluated and integrated to ensure seamless integration and compatibility between different applications.

Set up of payment gateways to ensure smooth checkout process and configuration of products, categories, variants, pricing, inventory management, taxes, and shipping options according to client’s specifications are also done.

Step 6. PERFORMANCE AND SECURITY: By minimizing code, optimising images and leveraging catching techniques website performance is optimised. In order to protect customer data including SSL certificates and secure payment gateways Security measures are implemented. On-page SEO best practices are implemented including optimizing meta titles, descriptions, URLs, header tags, and image alt text.

Step7. Launch and Post-Launch Support: support for any initial issues, bug fixes, or adjustments post launch are offered. Coordination with the client company for a successful store launch, including domain setup and DNS configuration is also provided by the agency.

Ongoing maintenance plans, updates, and potential optimizations to keep the store running proficiently are discussed and support for future enhancements and updates are also offered by the development agency.

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