5 Best Ecommerce Web Development Practices to Make Your Startup Stand Out

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E-commerce is believed to be the future of trade and commerce. It holds an unlimited potential of capturing the new customers and driving in the qualified leads. You don’t need to be a big business giant to extract E-commerce benefits, even the startups can qualify for these results if they know how to start right.

As per Statistica.com, in the year 2015, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 1.55 trillion US dollars. Also, the estimated e-retail revenues believed to grow by 3.4 trillion US dollars by the year 2019.

The possibilities for profit creation are endless in E-commerce and the above-given statistics gives us the needed clue.

But E-commerce is a challenging domain to work on, especially when it’s a new startup and you don’t know where to begin. A great Ecommerce website combines right technology and development practices to bring forth the best platform. You can take the needed help by availing Ecommerce web development services or can simply do it by yourself.

Here are nine best Ecommerce web development practices that you can adopt to make your startup stand out from the rest:

Put Sufficiently Big Images – Images constitutes a great part of every Ecommerce website, no matter what size it may be. Attractive images can grab you the number of eyeballs and displays the needed details. A lot of E-commerce websites fails to bring forth the necessary details of the products by not paying attention to image size and quality. Bad image quality then brings down the trust on these products, eventually leading to a reduction in overall sales. Make sure you put that extra bit of effort when choosing your display images. These should not fragment while zooming and should perfectly capture the details of products. Also, keep 4 to 5 images of each product so that your viewers can easily take a glimpse through all the angles.

Link Related Products – It’s always an excellent practice to link various related products unless you are just selling a single one from your Ecommerce website. Eg. You can link a number of accessories like bags and shoes with a party dress that you are selling on your Ecommerce website. This practice helps your business in two ways: the first is that it brings attention to those products that are ignored behind and the second is that it inspires people to buy more than just one. This means that you will be extracting better sales over time.

Eliminate Sign-in Formalities – Nobody has got time for filling the sign-in forms. Your customers find it frustrating to fill lengthy formalities of sign-in process. Most sign-in formalities require the viewer to spend more time in making a purchase which serves as a barrier to the checkout process. Eliminating sign-in formalities and providing the access through alternate social platforms like Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter is a brilliant practice. This allows your users to instantly access the E-commerce website and they can later fill in the basic details while checking-out from the E-cart.

Put Detailed Product Descriptions – Descriptions tell a lot about your product and a bad one can instantly take away your prospective sales. A perfect product description includes a summary of the product, ways to use it, fitting measurements, shipping and return info, etc. You should put all these details right below the ‘Add to Cart’ button, so your customer can scroll down to know more about the product. Detailed descriptions can be really useful for your customers as it’s impossible to touch and feel things virtually.

Make Checkout Process Easy – Checkout process should be kept really simple in your Ecommerce website. A checkout process that is elaborate can make you lose more customers than you can predict. Make it a point to simplify the purchase process by providing a number of payment options, asking fewer details, and making adding a final review page before placing an order. These simple pointers can ease the shopping experience for your customers and will grab you enough sales to make brilliant profits.

Developing an E-commerce business is a challenging task but the described practices can easily turn up your sales game without bringing the load. Do follow these steps to upgrade your Ecommerce business.

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