7 Sure Signs That Signal You to Redesign Your Business Website

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A professional looking website is necessary for the overall success of your business. As it not just enhances your capabilities but also equips you with the right amount of exposure. With progressing trends and ever so evolving technology, it becomes a challenge to keep your website updated. Even the most updated websites can get pretty redundant and requires a revamping session.

Did you know? 75% of users admit making judgments about a company’s credibility based on its website design.

Your business’s identity, credibility, output, etc. based on the way it appears. Hence, you want to make sure that it represents the information exactly the right way to attract the business.

You may have the best website layout developed by an expert Web Design Company but if it displays these seven signs then it’s time you need to consider redesigning the entire thing.

Website Appears Outdated – An outdated looking website is the first sure sign that your website needs to be redesigned. If the navigation appears complicated and the content ineffective then it’s time that you consider to design your website again. Redesigning your website will work on all the issues by updating everything again.

Decline in User Traffic – User traffic is a major deciding factor in the success of your website. You can use analytic tools to get the idea about the number of visitors coming to your website. When you check the web traffic, what you really see? If you find the visitors declining then it’s time you consider redesigning the website. Incorporating a trendy design will greatly help you in attracting back the traffic.

Greater Bounce Rate – Only a website that attracts and keeps the visitors on it is business friendly. If you have recently experienced enhancement in bounce rate despite all the efforts then it can certainly be the fault of your website design. The visitors are on the lookout for services like yours but they are certainly turned down by what they land on.

Poor Social Media Engagement – Social Media is the true essence of all the digital marketing strategies. It is not only quick but influential in amplifying your business profits. If you experience a lag in your website’s social exposure then you must consider improvising the website design. Add social buttons, this will make your website a lot dynamic and will bring more visits to your website.

Not Enough Leads Generated – Even if your site is wonderfully designed, if it’s not generating enough leads then you must consider re-evaluating your site’s design. The possible problem could be the lack of a prominent Call to Action Button. The distractions should be minimized for lead capture. To assist people, you can also have a Contact Us page where viewers can directly fill in their queries. A live chat option is also a great feature to keep up with the customers.

Plunging Search Engine Rankings – Ranking top on the preferred Search Engine is something that is vital for every performer business. If your website’s Search Engine ranking is constantly plunging then there could be chances that it lacks a good design. Maybe it lacks the quality content or missing Metatags, certain necessary changes to the existing layout of your website can easily upgrade your search ranking.

Poor Revenue – Is your business generating poor revenue? You can certainly blame it on the website design. Generating good profit is something that your business needs in the first place and a good website design contribute to that. With optimized website design, you would be able to fetch more viewers, engage them, and can even create lot more profits.

Reach for professional web design services if you find it a hassle to maintain the business presence and profits for your website.

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Saurabh Mishra is a Digital Marketing Professional at Aks Interactive Solutions Private Limited, a leading Digital Marketing Company offering complete development solutions for websites and mobiles. Saurabh has multiple years of experience in strategizing Online marketing Trends and loves learning new technologies.

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