7 Essential Website Development Tricks to Effectively Boost Business Conversion Rates

Responsive website development

Is your business website unable to attract the sales it deserves? It is extremely certain that you are lacking something significant in your website.

A website is always built to promote business and it’s disappointing when you are unable to convert those abundant views into sales. We all know how a website is always the first interaction point with a mass audience, therefore, creating a fool proof website design is essential.

Did you know? In early 2014, the number of mobile users accessing the internet surpassed the number of desktop users.

This great change has been brought due to increased use of hand-held technology. In fact, every 4 in 5 Smartphone users access retail content on their device monthly. Since your business website is at the center of the stage, you should make a few changes to boost up your website conversions. Let’s discuss seven essential tricks that can help you achieve the needed difference in business.

Go Responsive – Does your website have a high bounce rate? The reason might be the distorted appearance of your website on different devices. Users find it frustrating to operate the unorganized and ill-appearing website. The unavailability of structured information also drives them off as soon as they visit such a website. With Responsive website development, you will be able to keep more visitors on your website while inspiring them for more purchases.

Optimize for Getting Found – Are you putting sufficient optimization efforts? Search Engine Optimization is extremely crucial activity when you are looking to boost your conversion rates. By ranking higher on SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) you will be able to reach more visitors and will be perceived as a famous brand. Also, make sure you focus on numerous Search Engines like Google, Bling, and Yahoo Search.

Easy Site Navigation – Is your website easily navigable by visitors? No matter how appealing your website may appear to customers, if it doesn’t support great navigation capabilities then it’s worthless. Making your website navigable starts by getting the elements right, removing error pages, fast switching of web pages, etc. Also, don’t forget to implement the search feature on your website, this will keep your customers engaged with all the stuff they want.

Appealing Content – A website is what it speaks to the audience and you won’t definitely want to skip on it. Add creative content to define your company’s specialties and how different you are from your competitors. Don’t be formal but quirky with your website content; the more innovative you will be the better conversion rate you will achieve with the website. Add innovative content in About-Us page, navigation bars, product descriptions etc.

Involve Socially – It is estimated that around 2.67 billion users around the globe will be operating social media platforms in 2018. The number is huge and so is the possibility of abundant business. Various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are already in fame and we can expect some more social platforms to join this league in recent future. Having a highly innovative and focused social media strategy will definitely help you with boosting your conversion rates.

Attractive Call-to-Action – Incorporating an attractive call to action is certainly the most neglected feature of business websites. Various factors like color, style of font, shape, and content play huge role in making this feature prominent. Remember that no matter how creative and compelling your entire website is, if you fail to create an attractive Call-to-Action then you can certainly lag behind in sales.

Appear Trustable - Trust is everything for us human beings and we always refrain from falling in any business trap. This is one feature that can’t be created overnight but in fact requires consistent efforts for attainment. Build customer trust by securing payments, displaying client testimonials, and connecting with users in an open manner. In the minimum time, you will be able to experience the great boost in business conversions.

Incorporate all these steps for abundant sales generation and business enhancement. Seeking expert help from Responsive mobile website development will also be great for new startups.

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Saurabh Mishra is a Digital Marketing Professional at Aks Interactive Solutions Private Limited, a leading Digital Marketing Company offering complete development solutions for websites and mobiles. Saurabh has multiple years of experience in strategizing Online marketing Trends and loves learning new technologies.

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