Top 5 Content Management Systems for Beginning Startups and Small Businesses

Content Management Systems

Wondering what development tools you need for your startup website? The first thing to consider investing is Content Management Systems. Content Management Systems (or better abbreviated CMS) is a development tool used to manage the content and functionalities of your website. No matter you hold any technical expertise or not, a website created out of CMS can be easily managed. To eliminate your trials and errors we have compiled a list of five best business CMSes that can prove to be highly profitable for you.

Even a novice to technology can handle CMS driven website with great ability. Let’s explore the list of best content management systems that can promote your business capabilities amazingly.

WordPress – It is most widely accepted open source content management system in the entire world. This CMS is regarded as the king of the blogging world and is extremely easy to implement. You can either install it on your own hosting or can avail free version from WordPress site. You can extend the functionality of your website by installing free modules and plugins from open source or by paid methods. The simplicity and ability to DIY (do it yourself) make it a must explore CMS option.

Joomla – If you would want to stand out through your business website and are looking for a thoroughly customizable option then Joomla is your bet. Unlike WordPress, Joomla enables you to customize your entire website depending on the way you like. The themes are numerous and of different varieties, imparting unique visual appeal to your business website. In fact, there are numerous customizable modules and plugins available to extend the functionality of Joomla. This CMS is also believed to be compatible with abundant text data and video data.

Drupal – Need a highly secured CMS? Drupal will be the right candidate for you then. This CMS is extremely flexible and secured one to build your website on. Drupal is extremely similar to Joomla and you can easily extend the capabilities of your website with various pre-built modules. Being an open source platform, you can also install it on your own hosting. Drupal also supports extensive API along with SEO friendly framework.

Open Cart – Do you want to maintain multiple Ecommerce stores on your website? Open Cart CMS can be your best bet then. This CMS is widely accepted by major E-commerce giants like and Open Cart implements PHP, MySql, and HTML components for its implementation. Due to its amazing speed and cost-effectiveness, even the small E-commerce startups can begin their business journey with this CMS.

Magento - Do you want to start your E-commerce website with a fool proof CMS? Invest in Magento this CMS is believed to grant an excellent onset to your business. Even the most prominent E-commerce businesses like North Face, Olympus, Ford, and Harpers Bazar deploy this CMS. The multi-vendor support and other e-retail management tools prove to be of great use in Magento. You can easily customize and extend the functionality of this CMS through various pre-created modules.

Hope you were able to find your best content management systems through this detailed discussion. Realize your business dreams by deploying the right business website!

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