Mobile SEO: Essential Components You Need To Know To Drive Maximum Organic Traffic

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Do you have an excellent online visibility? Are you planning to stretch it to other verticals? Adapting to the trends is a proven way to extend your abilities. When you have a startup with a niche, it becomes really important to reach as many people as you could. The more you connect the better profits will you make for your company! It is proven that organic visibility is the most significant way to add brand value and profits to a new business but understanding the right implementation can be a challenge sometimes. You must already be doing the traditional SEO for your website but have you ever thought of giving mobile SEO a try?

You will be surprised to know that mobile devices now accounts for 60% of all the searches. As the world is turning mobile, it is important to know how mobile SEO can help your organic traffic targets and what components should you really care about. A company that specializes in responsive web design services can help you with the mobile SEO.

There can be many questions that can instantly pop into your mind. What kind of website supports for the mobile SEO? Which components will be a deal maker for mobile SEO? How to extract maximum organic reach with mobile SEO? Those are few of the questions that you would be wanting to know.

Responsive website design can be really supportive for your mobile SEO, it is highly recommended by Google because it doesn’t dilute the page rank. After the Panda update of Google, mobile websites are seen as separate websites and therefore faces ranking penalties due to duplicate content. A responsive website adapts as per the device of the user and provides a friendly interface to scroll upon.

Making your website visible on mobile is all about taking strategic steps in a priority-based manner. To help you out, here are some of the effective steps that you need to take:

Website’s Core Ranking – Core ranking is actually the rank of a website which is gained through traditional SEO steps. Google does have a separate algorithm to rank mobile friendly website but without core ranking, you will hardly make it to that point. Your website should be well indexed and should have appropriate page load speed to help you gain the desired organic traffic.

Mobile Keyword Research – Mobile users usually don’t search for desktop or laptop users. By this, I mean that the pattern of keyword usage on the mobile is different and there is an active use of words like ‘nearby’ and ‘near me’ in searches. Since more than half of the traffic comes from mobile, it is important to optimize your website keywords according to that and pay a little more emphasis on Local SEO as well.

Mobile Friendly Errors – Mobile websites that rank high on Google Search Engine adheres to friendly user interface guidelines. This means that these websites support an array of features that are user-friendly and helpful for the end user. Google provides a mobile-friendly test to let you identify why your website isn’t achieving the desired rank that it deserves. Find out those errors and improve on them for an impactful presence on the internet.

Mobile Application Optimization – Not all businesses are restricted just to the mobile-friendly website, extending the business reach with the mobile application is the lucrative trend. Mobile applications generate repetitive business and should be carefully addressed. There are proven ways to index and optimize your mobile application for the app store. This will ensure that the right customers find your mobile app as they search the app store.

Accelerated Mobile Pages – AMP is a project from the Google to make really fast mobile pages. It is nothing but the compact form of HTML also popularly known as diet-HTML. The ranking of AMP pages is higher enough in Google search but it is only publishers have the access to it right now. You cannot use this feature right now but if there is a way to extend the speed of mobile pages through coding then it will be really useful in extending your presence on the Google Search Engine.

Reach to the experts if you don’t know how to develop responsive website design and gain visibility with mobile SEO.

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