Responsive Website Design vs Custom Website Design: Which One should you choose?

responsive website design

Promoting business through internet is no new concept, in recent years we all have seen the unbelievable responses, even offline businesses are upgrading themselves to online. Whether you wish to develop a blog, e-commerce portal or your company’s website, having a reachable platform has numerous advantages in terms of business and brand value creation. We should first of all understand that to make a website or a distinguishable platform you would need an appealing interface, without which a website can’t survive the competition.

If you already own a website or considering starting one for your startup or already existing company whether IT or non-IT, you must check into a few technologies that might help you realize your dream platform. You might be having a targeted audience who is using a specific set of devices to operate your website, by assessing a few points you could reach the right technology that your portal might need. Whether you should go for responsive website design or custom website, both target your customers in a different aspect and here we carrying a detailed discussion on it.

Responsive websites as we all know adapts as per the dimensions of the device, these are perfect for the situations where your business would like to target all kinds of customers operating different set of devices. Creating and maintaining different websites for different platforms could be waste of money and efforts. When you have a responsive website the content and links of your existent platform could be utilized for other devices as well.

However, not all websites wish to target customers operating wide range of devices, certain businesses require to target either one or two devices apart from desktop. In those situations custom websites could be ideal bet. There are various factors like content, audience behavior and resources that determine the kind of platform requirement for your website.

Pros of responsive website design

  • Single website supported on multiple platforms.
  • No need to update new content for each device.
  • Website behavior is same for mobile and desktop user.
  • Alterations are done only to CSS.
  • Time, effort and cost significantly reduce.

Cons of responsive website design

  • Websites can’t be customized for different platforms.
  • Provides single user-experience to all customers.

Pros of custom website design

  • Best for businesses looking for a logical change for the new platform.
  • Website behavior is different for mobile and desktop user.
  • Website implements specific functionality as required by business and customers.

Cons of custom website design

  • Time, effort and cost consuming.
  • Regular updates are necessary for maintenance.

You could assess all these points to make a conclusion whether your business should consider responsive website or custom web design. Responsive websites are SEO friendly and are recommended by Google, but you should research your targeted customers and their behaviors before making a leap. You could also reach to a professional web-designing company in case of help.


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