Seven Common Banner Design Mistakes That Every Brand Must Avoid


Web banner is the preliminary form of brand endorsement just the way billboards are in case of traditional marketing. It is used for a variety of tasks and is generally put up on the website, social media and banner ads. Banners include high-quality graphics and texts to depict about the brand and their offered products as well as services. It is easy enough to capture the right attention with the help of a beautiful banner that displays just the right amount of information.

Banner is the first thing that your visitors notice on your business website. In fact, 80% of the visitors find the banner advertisement to be the first thing they notice on a website when it’s placed on top. Going for custom banner designs certainly becomes the most important thing when you need to capture your audience instantly. There are a number of factors that contribute to an excellent banner design and should essentially be considered when you have potentially significant traffic goals. However, sometimes things may go wrong, you can make mistakes while designing your banner and you may not even know it.

Take a look at these seven common banner design mistakes that you must refrain to make:

Using too much or complicated text – Text plays a great role in making or breaking your banner’s value. Influential brands know what worth content plays in their promotions and therefore they carefully make the choice for it. Using too much or complicated text will never benefit your banner as it won’t communicate the message clearly. Write crisp title and content for the banner displaying just the important information.

Failing to put grammatically correct text – Just as too much of the text is the waste for your banner, failing to put grammatically correct text is equally harmful as well. Brands that pay special attention to grammar always win the game. It is essential to ensure that the spellings that appear on the banner should be correct and so does the grammatical sense of the text. Double check if you need to!

Using unprofessional or bad quality photographs – Pictures are believed to speak a thousand words in a single snap and us humans being visual creatures are instantly pulled towards beautiful photographs. Most banner designers forget to take care of this aspect and therefore don’t extract the results their company needs. Using bad quality photographs is not an excuse; there are plenty of free and paid photography websites that you can and should use for banner design.

Not using a clear call-to-action button – Call-to-action button drives the sales for your business especially when put right. If a customer likes what you offer then they may click on this button to be redirected to your business website. Most promotional banners forget to place a clear call-to-action button, therefore, resulting in fewer conversions. Place this button where your customers can easily spot it.

Logo not being readable – Logo is the identity of your business or company and it distinguishes your presence wherever it’s placed. Keeping the logo on the banner is extremely important as the loyal customers of a business will be able to spot it easily and will turn-up for the purchase. However, most banner designs make the mistake of ensuring logo in a readable form. This hinders in creating the right brand awareness and sales.

Not matching ad-design with the website – This is often the most overlooked mistake that the brands make with their banners. The look and feel of the website doesn’t correspond equivalently with the banner ads. When both of them match to a certain degree, customers have an idea of what they can expect and it is brand appears more credible as well.

Not doing enough updates in design pattern – Most of the brands make the mistake of sticking to the usual banner design without even giving it an update in a year or two. Due to this, the banner looks outdated enough and lacks the charm of capturing the right audience to do business with. Professional banner design services can come to your rescue at this stage. Expert designers know the right ways to upgrade the banner by enforcing creative strategies, so definitely give it a go!

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Saurabh Mishra is a Digital Marketing Professional at Aks Interactive Solutions Private Limited, a leading Digital Marketing Company offering complete development solutions for websites and mobiles. Saurabh has multiple years of experience in strategizing Online marketing Trends and loves learning new technologies.

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