Six Worst Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make When Selecting a CMS


Every small mistake counts as a big one when you are trying to make your presence online. The competition is peaking beyond the reach and the only possible way to make maximum profits is by adopting the best possible strategies. If yours is a small business and you are planning to take it online then choosing a perfect CMS might already be on your mind. A professional website is easy to achieve with a perfect CMS but there are certain mistakes that you can easily make being the new in online business.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are web-based applications used to create and manage content on a website. It is surprising enough to know that WordPress accounts for 58.9% of the total web content management solutions deployed globally. The requirement for CMS driven website is ever so increasing due to one single reason, it is easy to maintain and operate this kind of website. Small businesses find it easy to establish their control on a CMS driven website and there is the least amount of technical interactions which sounds nothing but complex.

Here are six worst mistakes that most small businesses make when selecting a CMS and you must avoid these at all costs –

Not knowing the advantages of choosing a right CMS - Most small businesses just don’t understand the worth of choosing the right CMS and often overlook the advantages it brings. They often opt to go the long route and accomplish website development right from the scratch. This leads to the wastage of time, effort, and money ultimately affecting company’s resources. Also, maintaining a website that doesn’t implement CMS can be a chore in itself.

Choosing a CMS before evaluating your business needs – The needs of your business are unique and the choice of CMS should be based on that. Since a CMS is a long-term investment for your business, you must not make a mistake of choosing one that doesn’t match your business interests. You might want to create an informational website with lots of content or your idea is to develop a perfect Ecommerce website, both kinds of websites need different CMSes for implementation and you must watch that.

Investing in a CMS solely because it’s cheap – Cost is a major factor that affects your decisions but choosing a CMS entirely because it’s cheap is nothing but a fatal mistake. You shouldn’t pick the least expensive CMS right away since it may not be the best one for your business. It is important that you consider things like expansion of the website and future needs in consideration when choosing a CMS. Most of the CMS comes with an option to upgrade to the next level when your business or visitors expands.

Treating bigger CMS as better and compatible – Oftentimes, the bigger or complex CMS appears exactly the thing that you want for your website but don’t be lured in the temptation. Treating bigger and complex CMS as the best one is only an illusion. In fact, when you are starting a website for your small business, you must implement a CMS that isn’t too complex to handle. A complex CMS will only add burden to your infrastructure and will usually bring up complex issues to you.

Overlooking the mobile capabilities of the CMS – Can you deny the power of mobile? The number of mobile users across the world is expected to grow to 5.07 billion by the end of 2019. This is a serious point that small businesses need to focus more on mobile than any other device platform. You must make it a point to choose a CMS that is responsive enough to adapt across all mobile devices. Overlooking this capability will bring you less of the audience which is just not worth.

Taking CMS recommendations from non-experienced – This is a major mistake that most novice businesses make. Taking recommendations from non-experienced people can make you choose the wrong CMS and will bring potential issues for the rest of the future. Most small businesses lack authoritative individuals that can guide them for the right CMS. It is important that you consult professionals who can guide you among the best content management systems.

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