Golden Rules of Managing Google AdWords Campaign Cost For Your Startup


Are you planning to create PPC campaign on your own? Pay per click is a digital marketing strategy that can be of great use when deployed strategically. Creating a campaign always comes easy, you just need to know the basics, set up an AdWords account, and rest can be accomplished. The thing that most startups stumble across is managing the campaign cost. PPC can turn to be quite hefty for a startup when not managed properly and hence you need to get the control in your hands.

Even if you are relying on outsourced PPC campaign management services, it is always a good idea to monitor things once in every few months. The average PPC cost spent by the business is found variable across the globe and it is greatly based on the country that you live in. The PPC cost incurred in the USA is much higher than the average PPC cost in developing countries. You spend money for your target audience based on the geography or locality.

Despite the seeming popularity of organic clicks, PPC isn’t far behind, 91% of the organization allocate an annual PPC budget of more than $500,000. This means that all sizes and kinds of businesses are investing their money in PPC strategy and with such huge investment, having the maximum value-for-money is necessary.

To maximize the return-on-investment on every AdWords campaign here are a few golden rules that you must follow:

Set Daily AdWords Budget – Daily PPC budget is necessary in order to run your campaigns effectively. You can choose whatever value you are interested investing in. A maximum budget can be chosen every day and it can be altered based on your marketing requirements. Google does allow you to bid as you like but setting a really small daily budget will make your ads show less or not show at all. Google has automatic features that will help you with the budget control, so make maximum use of it.

Decide on Maximum Cost per Click – Maximum cost per click is used to indicate the highest amount you are willing to spend on a particular advertisement. You will probably not be the only candidate eyeing the conversions on those particular keywords. There will certainly be the fair share of competitors willing to be on the top of your chosen paid results. You can control your ad budget by setting the maximum CPC as this will keep you from spending too much on an advertisement.

Make the Bid Carefully – Google AdWords allows you to make a bid for the campaign you put out. Every business has its competitors and most of the times there is a real fight on ranking high for the same set of keywords. Google doesn’t favor anybody and that’s why it provides you the facility to bid with competitors. There are two specific ways to bid, one is to go for automatic bidding where you set a daily budget and adjust the maximum CPC accordingly, and another way is to go for manual bidding where only you will choose the bid amount. Go for manual bidding to get control on your budget and use automatic bidding when money is not really the top concern.

The Quality Score – The best way to minimize the cost of your AdWords campaign is to work on getting the higher quality score. Quality score is given by the Google to an Ad-Copy after analyzing various factors such as keywords, landing pages, the relevance of the ads, etc. The higher the quality score of an advertisement better will be the chances of it will in ranking higher in the paid results. Also, ad-copies with higher quality score need to make a lower bid for higher ad ranking, which comes as a bonus!

Analyze the Conversions – The most important part of extracting the maximum out of a PPC ad copy is to analyze the conversions. The term conversion implies different meanings to different businesses. At times, it is the traffic that a brand needs for visibility and at other times it is the volume of sales a particular brand aspire to make. Every ad campaign should be analyzed for the conversions and should be altered based on the results. Your Google Ad-Words account provides a number of tools to help you out with this task, make maximum use of it.

Do you still have confusion about managing the budget? Reach expert pay per click management services to get the needed help!

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