How to Measure the Productivity of an Email Marketing Campaign for Better Business Conversions?


Do you market your products or services with the help of emails? Email is the oldest yet a significant channel for marketing a brand or business to the right audience. It carries a highly personal and direct message to attract the leads. When done creatively and strategically, Email marketing is likely to convert more leads than you will expect.

Did you know? 91% of consumers check their Email once a day. Consumers appreciate receiving commercial communication through Emails rather than any other online platform. In fact, 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message. Email marketing campaign services are therefore extremely important for a brand that is thriving to make its presence and profits in the industry.

But firstly, you need to develop a sound strategy to create your Email campaigns. You can implement points shared in email marketing campaign tricks to develop a creative and beneficial campaign for your brand. After you are done with optimizing your Email campaign, you are all set to analyze your campaign success for the better conversion rates.

It is essential to know the email marketing metrics before you finalize upon your email marketing campaign for the week or the month. Before sending an email to your prospective customer, measure the productivity of your email campaign with the following for better business turnover:

Open Rate – Open rate of an email signifies the number of emails that have been clicked and opened by the prospective customers. This is calculated by finding the total number of opened emails by a total number of sent emails and then multiplying the number with 100. By measuring this, you will know how well the content, subject line, and promotion offer is working in the email.

Click-through Rate – Click-through rate is also an important metric that measures email campaign performance. Most email marketing campaigns have an embedded link that is to be clicked by the receiver. Click through rate is all about calculating the ratio of click through to the number of emails delivered. This will tell you the conversions in terms of clicks and should be tested weekly.

Conversion Rate – Conversion rate is an important metrics; it tells you exactly the percentage of customers that made the purchase on your website by clicking on the email campaign. This is calculated by dividing the total number of conversions to the number of delivered email and then multiplying it with hundred. It exactly tells you how productive your campaign had been and should be calculated on a monthly basis.

Delivery Rate – Most of the emails end up being spammed and therefore miss an opportunity to make an impact even when they have impactful campaign inside. It is important to measure whether or not your emails are reaching to the customer’s inbox or not. A poor number is definitely a matter of concern and needs to be resolved. Immediately remove the accounts for which the emails are bouncing back.

Miscellaneous – There are plenty of other Email marketing metrics that need to be included in your campaign evaluation. Metrics such as bounce rate, sharing rate, subscriber retention, revenue per email, and list growth should be noted too. All these factors, when calculated, provide you a brilliant way to measure all your email campaigns.

Incorporate all these metrics to your email campaigns by hiring top email marketing services from the professional outsourcing company.

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